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Capturing The Moment — Ragged Rock Flowers   3 comments

Ragged Rock Flower (1 of 1)-2 blog

Ragged Rock Flower (1 of 1) blog

Ragged Rock Flower (1 of 1)-3 blogRagged Rock Flowers (February 20, 2015) — Images by kenne

This beautiful flower grows on a scrub that is generally found growing out of cracks in cliff rocks often near canyon streams. The flower blossom looks somewhat like a citrus blossom and even has somewhat of a citrus smell. The seeds of the plant are rich in oils love by ants, which leads to a theory why the seeds end up in the cracks of rocks. The cast-off seeds sometimes land in cracks where germination takes place.


Wildflowers And Bees — Nature’s Perfect Combination   2 comments

Patio Sunset September 2013--5 art framed blogImages by kenne

The Flower And The Bee

A beautiful yellow flower 
Resting in the meadows 
Amongst the other flowers. 
A bright yellow daffodil 
At the crest of the hill 
Watching over the roses 
Spellbindingly stole, the eyes 
Of the buzzing bee. 
He liked what he saw 
In this little dainty flower, 
Who took her beauty from the land 
And was as radiant as the sun 
Having its yellow colors too. 
The happy little bee, 
Flying drunkenly to her; 
Started to ponder – 
‘She is a beautiful flower, 
Placed high upon the hill, 
All the other bees see her, 
Would she welcome me, 
To taste of her nectar? ’ 
Then he continued to fly, 
With other bees as passersby.. 
He landed on her petals 
And he danced on her sepals 
And he tasted of her nectar. 

 — Leslie Alexis

Patio Sunset September 2013--5 BLOG

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