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Desert Landscape — Image by kenne

“Alone in the silence, I understand for a moment the dread which many feel in the presence of primeval desert,
the unconscious fear which compels them to tame, alter or destroy what they cannot understand, to reduce the wild
and prehuman to human dimensions. Anything rather than confront directly the anti-human, that other world
which frightens not through danger or hostility but in something far worse – its implacable indifference.”

Edward Abbey

Desert Landscape — Arrangement In Gray and Black   Leave a comment

Desert Landscape — Arrangement In Gray and Black by kenne

“When at last, in all my storms, my whole self speaks,
then there is a pause. The soul collects itself into pure
silence and isolation—perhaps after much pain. The
mind suspends its knowledge and waits. The psyche
becomes strangely still.”

— from Fantasia of the Unconscious by D. H. Lawrence

The Sonoran Desert Is Turning Into A Sea Of Floral Yellow   3 comments

Brittlebush Blooming In The Sonoran Desert — Images by kenne

With good rains earlier this month the Sonoran desert is beginning to explode into a colorful display that changes the brown desert landscape into a sea of floral yellow. With a little rain, this common desert scrub will begin to bloom and will do so almost year round. I last posted brittlebush blossom images two months ago.


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Blackett's Ridge-9880 Desert Landscape Art II blog framedDesert Landscape Computer Painting — Image by kenne

Natural Ways

The natural environment
is the cradle
that holds 
our stories.

Every story has to settle in a place
put down roots
if it is to have any mood or gravity.

My stories are anchored in their places,
and whatever 
they lack in character and plot,
the vegetation is 
always right

and the landscape is drawn to scale.
I don’t consider the landscape part of my fiction,

but part of the fact 

on which my fiction is created,
as solidly important as any of the
historical events 
I dramatize, or any scientific truths. 

It isn’t to be played with.
I don’t put rattail cactus
where it doesn’t grow.

Elizabeth Crook


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