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Dry Wildflowers   Leave a comment

Fall Along The Tanque Verde WashDry Wildflowers — Computer Painting by kenne

My eyes allow me to see,

my experience allows me to look.

— kenne


“There Is Another America . . .”   1 comment

Saguaro Along the Trail (1 of 1) Painting II blog“Primitive America” — Image by kenne

There was another America out there that remained unsung;
a rawer, more primitive America, where the spirit had not
been tamed by the restless machine of modern materialism.

— Jack Kerouac

Breaking The Cowboy Mystique   Leave a comment

landscape (1 of 1)_bear canyon trail blogBear Canyon Trail — Image by kenne

Walking the trails
in the lower canyon
with children and adults
loving the outdoors,
wanting to learn
of nature.

She gives so much
asking only that we
be good stewards
of her bounty
preserving balance
and harmony.

Seeking to break
the cowboy mystique,
by going back
to the future
rather than
forward to the past.

— kenne

Life Is Not To Be Passed By In A Rush.   Leave a comment

Sabino Canyon Scape (1 of 1) art II_edit blogSabino Canyon Scene — Computer Painting by kenne

Life is not to be passed by in a rush.

— Tom Turner


Progress is measured
by richness and intensity of experience –
by a wider and deeper apprehension
of the significance and scope of human existence.


Art is an indecent exposure of the consciousness.

— Herbert Read


Desert Landscape Painting — Natural Ways   Leave a comment

Blackett's Ridge-9880 Desert Landscape Art II blog framedDesert Landscape Computer Painting — Image by kenne

Natural Ways

The natural environment
is the cradle
that holds 
our stories.

Every story has to settle in a place
put down roots
if it is to have any mood or gravity.

My stories are anchored in their places,
and whatever 
they lack in character and plot,
the vegetation is 
always right

and the landscape is drawn to scale.
I don’t consider the landscape part of my fiction,

but part of the fact 

on which my fiction is created,
as solidly important as any of the
historical events 
I dramatize, or any scientific truths. 

It isn’t to be played with.
I don’t put rattail cactus
where it doesn’t grow.

Elizabeth Crook


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