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Life Is Not To Be Passed By In A Rush.   Leave a comment

Sabino Canyon Scape (1 of 1) art II_edit blogSabino Canyon Scene — Computer Painting by kenne

Life is not to be passed by in a rush.

— Tom Turner


Progress is measured
by richness and intensity of experience –
by a wider and deeper apprehension
of the significance and scope of human existence.


Art is an indecent exposure of the consciousness.

— Herbert Read


A Tint Of Red   2 comments

White Pink & Green blog framedA Tint of Red– Image by kenne

A tint of red soothes

Suggesting the warmth of love,

Human existence.

— kenne

Decoding Poetry — Revisited   5 comments

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAJ Murphy — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Decoding Poetry

what is it?

Is it not all things
we experience —


In human existence?

some claim
the words of poetry,

as if anointed
announcing to the world,
“I know the code!”

Poetry is not a code,
allowing entrance
only to a few
fettered and packaged
for the scholarly.

If I experience
my life
in the words of another,
is it poetry?

For it is I
who holds the code
to my existence.

In the end,
there is no right
or wrong answer –

Poetry is like dancing,
if it feels good,
do it!

— kenne

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