The Reaper   3 comments

This is good, but those who need to get the point will not.

House of Heart

is proud of his expensive suits and sparkling smiles.

He hands out ball point pins  as souvenirs once  he signs on the bottom line.

He smiles a toothy grin slanted to the right, he is shrewd.

he’s  taking names, counting numbers, adding to the columns.

His  hands push the sinking boat out  to sea.

His conscience  rests on a bed of lies, beats its chest, waves its flag.

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Swashbuckling Brother Gets An Unwanted Helping Hand   2 comments

Helping Brother B&W blog.jpgSwashbuckling Brother Gets An Unwanted Helping Hand — Image by kenne 

“The energy of hatred will get you nowhere:
but the energy of forgiveness,
which reveals itself through love,
will transform your life in a positive way.”

— Paulo Coelho

Puerto Peñasco Beach   2 comments

Beach-1011 B&W. blogPuerto Peñasco Beach (February 2018) — Image by kenne

Morning cup of joe
Sun shining on the calm sea
Walk along the shore.

— kenne

A Summer Surprise In The Catalina’s   1 comment

Bug Springs 2012Summer Surprise (Mariposa Lily Wildflower) — Image by kenne

Three-quarters one inch
Monsoon season has begun
Let the rains begin.

— kenne

Learning   1 comment

April 2018 Trip (31 of 133)I have learned a lot from my hiking friends. — Image by kenne

Learning is all about connections,
and through our connections with unique people,
we are able to gain a true understanding
of the world around us.

— Peter Senge

Burwell-Morgan Mill In Millwood, Virginia   Leave a comment

On this day five years ago we were with friends Kathy and Bob in Millwood, Virginia. — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013Located in the small town of Millwood, Virginia, near Spout Run where a mill-race runs next to the mill,

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013the Burwell-Morgan Mill was a joint business venture of Nathaniel Burwell and Daniel Morgan.

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013The mill was built 1785 and was one of only a few interior water wheel (20 feet in diameter) in the nation,

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013which allowed the miller to grind year-round.

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013Designed with a double set of wooden gears, the mill was able to turn two grindstones, one for corn and one for wheat. Commercial operation of the mill continued to 1952 and currently is maintained by the Clarke County Historical Association.

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013Bob McNeily is getting answers to questions. — Images by kenne


Virginia & Outer Banks 2013Office area of the mill.

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A Father’s Day Photo   6 comments

Katie & David & Me artA Father’s Day Photo (Early 1980’s, Katie, Kenne David and Me)

Blessed with two beautiful children, I’m now blessed with three beautiful grandchildren. 

Children I adore
Blessed with more than I deserve
One lucky father.

— kenne

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