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Words To Live By — I Try To Remind Myself Daily.

— kenne

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I appreciate Frank’s analysis and comparisons. — kenne

Frank Hudson

Looking for texts to feature here this month, I came upon this odd Robert Frost poem “Bond and Free”  and I could easily see how I could perform it Parlando style. Performance unavoidably involves choices, even if it can precede fuller understanding. Let me talk some about those choices I made and what understanding I’ve come to have about this poem. If you want to have the full text available while I discuss it, it can be found here.

What seemed odd about this poem? Well, I associate Frost with specific and palpable imagery. If one has any sense of the rural landscape of the 20th century, as I do, I can often place myself directly on the stage with the speaker in a Frost poem and examine the set decoration. Critical overviews of Frost’s era will sometimes want to clearly distinguish his work from the Modernists, mistaking…

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Monarch Butterflies — Their Beauty Doesn’t Need Words   3 comments

Monarch Butterflies — Their Beauty Doesn’t Need Words (October 3, 2021) — Images by kenne

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This posting was published first on October 10, 2015, with the poem ‘Desert Song’ by Ruth Housman. The poem is one of my favorites. — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

Thursday SCVN Elementary (1 of 1)-12 grunge blogDesert Wildflower (Apache Beggarticks) — Grunge Art by kenne

Desert Song

I thirst

for your rivers
your rippling mesas of sand
gold mirrors
on your sinuous curves

I thirst
for the saguaro
for the sweet juice of cactus
in the prickling sweat
of a desert sun

I thirst
for the searing of hot valleys
the bend of shimmer and heat
that bow that arcs the arrow
toward this center, my heart

I thirst
for the bloom, the sweet
languorous smells
this subtle perfume
elusive, as the scuttle of desert life

I thirst
for this tallest, deepest night
of stars and silence
when the moon is only a moon
silvering this light

— Ruth Housman

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Capturing the Moment — Velvet Nude, 1968   3 comments

While stationed in Okinawa in the late 60s, we returned to the states with this velvet painting. Mary Ann named her “Nudy Judy.” I don’t recall why, maybe because it rhymed. — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

Velvet Nude

In the company of Elvis and Jesus
Sharing the velvet boom years
More than a recognizable profile
Not meant to depict an actual person

Reflections of elegant simplicity
Nude, on blue satin
Classic reclining style
Engagingly staring away

Not a Magritte, Nor a Picasso
A Japanese artist’s
Signature painting
Unfamiliar by name

Swept away by her allure
Taking a prominent place
In our sparsely furnish
Fatima village two flat

Traveling with us
From the China Sea
Always finding a place
Central to our being

Over the years
She never changed
Let, her importance
Began to diminish

A victim of new attractions
And changing attitudes
Her black velvet lost to our
False sense of maturity

Stored away among
The relics of our past
Only to be resurrected
By our aging memories

On display in our gallery
Of framed memories
Where we leave and return
As neighbors sneak a peep

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American Snout, Spring Azure, and Two Cloudless Sulphur Butterflies on a Mexican Bird of Paradice — Image by kenne

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Greater Roadrunner Gathering Sticks for Building A Nest — HDR Image by kenne

Rule 1.

The Road Runner cannot harm the Coyote except by going “beep-beep!”

— from 9 Rules for Road Runner and Wild E. Coyote Cartoon

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Love In Love Park, Downtown Philadelphia — Image by kenne

Our visit to Philadelphia was short as it was an overnight stay between Richmond and Graham, New Hampshire. 

No Philly experience is complete without snapping a photo in front of one of The City of Brotherly Love’s 

best-known landmarks: LOVE itself.

The sculpture by Robert Indiana is in John F. Kennedy Plaza — better known as LOVE Park — just northwest of City Hall. 

It was first installed in 1976. 

— kenne

“Wish not so much to live long as to live well.”

— ​from Poor Richard’s Almanack, 1738 by Ben Franklin 

Quechee Gorge In Vermont   2 comments

Quechee Gorge (8/18/21) — Image by kenne

While visiting daughter Katie and her family in Graham, NH, we explored nearby Quechee Gorge State Park.
The day was misty, with the sun occasionally shining through the clouds.

Located along US Route 4, thousands of visitors stop each year to take in the breathtaking views of the Quechee Gorge.
The park’s focal point is Vermont’s deepest gorge, formed by glacial activity approximately 13,000 years ago.
Visitors can look down at the Ottauquechee River, flowing 165 feet below viewing points along Route 4.

— kenne

What Is Up? What Is Down?   1 comment

The world is full of so much “bullshit.” This posting was first published on October 31, 2010. — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

Photo-Artistry by kenne

Why is it that so often today, “up” can become “down” and “down” can become “up?” Frequently, politicians
and the media represent themselves as conveying accurate information, even though they are not
involved in that activity. Instead, they are attempting through their words and phrases to manipulate
the opinions and attitudes of the listener. In doing so, they are indifferent to whether what they say
is true or whether it is false; therefore, up can be down, and down can be up.

Most people can recognize such indifference as the hallmark of “bullshit.” Even so, the bullshitter
may continue to make the case, in complete disregard for the truth, that the evidence for a specific
position is conclusive, and that there can be no further reasonable question of whether the position is true.

As the uncertainty concerning whether a position is true or not diminishes, resistance to…

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Red Rock Country — Sedona   6 comments

Last week James, Jill, and Hugh visited us for six days from Houston. In addition to taking in sites around Tucson,
we went north to Sedona, Flagstaff, and The Grand Canyon. Here are a few images from the Sedona area.

— kenne 

Juvenile Cooper’s Hawk   2 comments

Juvenile Cooper’s Hawk — Images by kenne

This morning (October 9th) a juvenile Cooper’s Hawk landed near our bird feeder off the patio. This image was taken
through our patio door. He stayed perched on the wall for about 30 seconds before flying away.
I was sure where he may have gone — the olive tree on the patio or onto the roof. So I went outside to
check out the tree and the rooftop. He was on the fireplace chimney in the morning sun.

— kenne


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Morning Clouds Over The Santa Catalina Mountains — Panorama by kenne

Nursing Four Saguaros   Leave a comment

Nurse Tree for Four Saguaros In  Sabino Canyon — HDR Image by kenne

“I have come to the conclusion,
after many years of sometimes sad experience,
that you cannot come to any conclusion at all.”

― from In Your Garden Again by Vita Sackville-West, 

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Common Mullein — Image by kenne

A single moment of understanding
can flood a whole life with meaning.
— Anonymous

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