Snow On Prickly Pear Cactus   Leave a comment

Prickly Pear Cactus — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Winter hangs on
in the cold air
hugging its 
bare bones.

— kenne

Sunset Art   4 comments

Sunset Art by kenne (2009)

Day comes to an end

Sunset over the mountains

Darkness moves slowly.

— kenne

Undoing the Ocotillo   1 comment

Ocotillo Blossom — Photo-Artistry by kenne

men are coming inland to you
soon they will make you the last resort
for tourists who have
nowhere else to go
what will become of the coyote
with eyes of topaz
moving silently to his undoing
the ocotillo
flagellant of the wind
the deer climbing with dignity
further into the mountains

       what will become of those who cannot learn

the terrible knowledge of cities

— from “Requiem for Sonora” by Richard Shelton

Santa Fe Sculpture   Leave a comment

Santa Fe Sculpture (Humankind) — Image by kenne

“Humankind has not learned about balance, let alone practiced it.
It is guided by greed and ambition, steered by fear.
In this way, it will eventually destroy itself.
But nature will survive; at least the plants will.”

Brian L. Weiss

Mourning Doves Looking For A Nest Building Place   1 comment

Mourning Doves Looking For A Nest Building Place — Image by kenne

“The mourning dove is a carrier of faith and love. Whenever I am faced with the storms of life,
I don’t have to fret because peace and protection are assured.

This peaceful spirit can call upon the tranquillity around me in times of stress or uncertainty.”

A Jazzy Thursday and some mini-poetry.   Leave a comment

The poem and music bring back a lot of fond memories.


Wild heart

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
" Taking chances, writing in different directions. "

1- We were naked, we twisted our bodies into a unfinished puzzle and we shared wild dreams.
We talked and we used twisted words.
Did we show real face, did we do, just enough?


2- We knew the thirst,
we pledged broken promises and I saw broken skin.
I kissed sacred scars and I made you smile.
Was dead midnight and we did the liar’s prayer.


Kelli, skin so smoothed, so sweet.
You wanted the moon and I wanted your kiss.
You were wild fire and I was quiet lake.
In dreams, our loved lived and I remember the most beautiful girl, I ever knew.

Dancing Coyote

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So true!

Intellectual Shaman

the leader

doesn’t know where his followers have gone

he walked too far into the desert

he said too many wrong things

many of his followers died (they were retirement age)

he should have recruited young girls

but it’s too difficult to stimulate them with words

he’s competing with:


men who drive BMWs

and TikTok.

It’s time to end this poem.

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Sabino Canyon — Multitude Of Contrasts   2 comments

Looking South from Lower Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne

desert’s beauty
a multitude
of contrasts,
silky petals
thorny stems
buds focused
energy of will
belies timing
death by
a new day

— kenne


Death In The Desert   2 comments

Death In The Desert — Photo-Artistry by kenne

“Requien for Sonora”


a small child of a wind
stumbles toward me down the arroyo
lost and carrying no light
tearing its sleeves
on thorns of the palo verde
talking to itself
and to the dark shapes it touches
searching for what it has not lost
and will never find
and lonelier
than even I can imagine

       the moon sleeps
with her head on the buttocks of a young hill
and you lie before me
under moonlight as if under water
oh my desert
the coolness of your face


men are coming inland to you
soon they will make you the last resort
for tourists who have
nowhere else to go
what will become of the coyote
with eyes of topaz
moving silently to his undoing
the ocotillo
flagellant of the wind
the deer climbing with dignity
further into the mountains
the huge delicate saguaro

       what will become of those who cannot learn
the terrible knowledge of cities


years ago I came to you as a stranger
and have never been worthy
to be called your lover or to speak your name
most silent sanctuary
more fragile than forests
more beautiful than water

       I am older and uglier
and full of the knowledge
that I do not belong to beauty
and beauty does not belong to me
I have learned to accept
whatever men choose to give me
or whatever they choose to withhold
but oh my desert
yours is the only death I cannot bear

— Richard Shelton

Friends   2 comments

“Friends” — Image by kenne

We share the same space

Spring has brought us together

The old and the new.

— kenne

Lesson in Flow from the Supremely Happy Snowman   Leave a comment

Talk about the basics of life!





It’s in challenge and engagement we find flow.

The effects of flow are felt long after the experience of flow.

Be Courageous!

Be curious. Explore. Learn.

Do it just because.

Your creativity will soar…

And maybe your creations will smile back at you 😊

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Capturing the Word — Wendy Barker   2 comments

I just learned this morning from my good friend Dave Parsons on Facebook that Wendy Barker died recently. Dave wrote:

“I am in shock and pain learning that my longtime friend and co-editor has died. The memories flood back. She was our first Emily Dickinson scholar when we began the annual Emily birthday celebration. Unlike many of us, her poems got better and better…her last books were brilliant, and “Weave,” her latest new and collected, is a true treasury of her life’s work. I am reminded of the indispensable Carol King album, “Tapestry.” She had the most incredible empathetic heart…irreplaceable spirit.”

Over the years, I took many photos and videos of Wendy reading her poetry at the Writers In Performance Series. She was a beautiful person. This reblog from August 2010 contains a link to a December 2009 posting, including one of the videos. She was so much a part of our Emily Dickinson Birthday Celebrations. — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

Images by kenne

Wendy seems like a close friend. We have met only on special occasions. Birthday parties,  Emily Dickinson birthday parties. So often over the years, Wendy is my picture of Emily. Why not? I have photos of Wendy on those special occasions when we shared our appreciation and love for Emily Dickinson’s poetry. As much as I may love poetry, it is the spoken word that really touches me. Only then can I see the poets mannerisms, hear the voice annunciation and feel the emotions of the moment. Wendy came to fill the void through which Emily and I have become friends. Wendy has added color to sepia, she is my muse.

So, it’s no wonder that when Wendy was schedule to read her own poetry at a Writers In Performance Series last December, I could help but feel that Emily Dickinson was coming to read Wendy Barker

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Picacho Peak State Park   4 comments

Wildflowers in Picacho Peak State Park — Images by kenne

Picacho Peak State Park is a state park surrounding Picacho Peak in Picacho, Arizona. The park is located between Casa Grande and Tucson
near Interstate 10 in Pinal County. Its centerpiece spire is visible from downtown Tucson, a distance of 45 miles. The summit rises to 3,374 feet
above mean sea level. Wikipedia

Upper Sabino Canyon   Leave a comment

Upper Sabino Canyon in the Santa Catalina Mountains, as Seen from Blackett’s Ridge — Image by kenne

For ten years, I have hiked many trails

In these Santa Catalina Mountains. 

Stopping from time to time to watch things

As nature goes about its many changes.

White clouds gather above canyons and peaks.

The blue sky makes a good quilt as 

The Sabino Canyon trail goes on and on.

— kenne

Blackett’s Ridge Trail   Leave a comment

Hiking Blackett’s Ridge — Image by kenne

We were hiking on Blackett’s Ridge

When the view called me over

For a moment of meditation —

The existence of a beautiful view

Is to take time to stop. 

— kenne

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