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Sunset Panorama-72View From The Patio — Panorama Image by kenne

“When the sun sets, 
or the moon goes down,
it looks like the end.
It seems like a sunset,
but really,
it is dawn.”

— Rumi


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I see,
not with eyes of desire
to tame an internal need.

I breathe, inhale;
eyes absorbing nature…
all things that are free.

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Festival008 b-w blogStreet Festival –Image by kenne

The festival was always a place of unrestrained joy. The costumes lit up the summer’s day,
a riot of colour to rival any gardener’s paradise. Music filled the air,
festive beats lifted the spirits and made the people want to move, jump and sing.
It was a time to celebrate being alive, celebrate the wonders of creation
and be one with the community. The air tasted so heavenly with the chefs alongside
the parade, every delicious thing ready to be shared with friends.

— Angela Abraham

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Becoming is Superior to Being

DeGrozia Gallery“Succulents In Support Of The Rock” — Image by kenne

We support the rock

Sleeping in its memory

An island by choice.

— kenne

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Bee on Camphorweed (1 of 1)-Edit-1-art-72.jpgBee On Camphorweed — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in awhile,
and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.

— John Muir

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There is no snow on the higher peaks in August, still it is much cooler than the desert. — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

Snow On The Mounyains-55 blogSabino Canyon, December 14, 2011 — Image by kenne

It’s August in southern Arizona, hot, dry desert temperatures are the norm, which is why we hike the cool trails in the mountains. It is this contrast that captures the beauty of the Sonoran desert and the Santa Catalina mountains.


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Old Tucson High Chaparral-B-W blog-art-72.jpgReturn of the Desert Mountain — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Sun dried jerky of your past
Lies heavy on the stomach-heart
Grumbles, protests, lingers
Long, long after cactus
Arid faith
Uprooted by a desert mountain
Cloudburst flood
Has withered, blunted tines
No longer barbed
While jerky past still grumbles
Lies heavy on the stomach heart.

Lie still and watch
Lantern sun swings overhead
This banner day
Sliver moon salutes from darkened sky

Take heart.  Take heart.  Take heart.

Move the grumble upward to a song
To tines’ decay

Take heart take heart take heart

While dormant hidden succulents
Await return of desert mountain
Cloud burst flood
And full moon rises.

— From Poems of the New Old West by Jack Purcell, 

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