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The Bellagio Fountains Art   3 comments

Bellagio-3325_art blog IIComputer Art by kenne (Las Vegas, February 5, 2018)

to Las Vegas
can be seen
and waiting,
some up to
30 minutes
just to see
the fountains
of Bellagio,
truly one
of the best
free shows
in Vegas, 
choreographed to
Frank Sinatra singing
“One Singular Sensation.”
One moment
in its presence
provides a
in every move
as the water
rockets and
dances in front
of the Vegas
Eiffel Towel.

— kenne

Video of the Week – Frank Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim (1967)   2 comments

Remember when it was so cool to smoke?
How could one not be influenced to smoke when it’s connected to such great musicians?
Our attitudes about smoking may have changed, but not our love for great music.
Here are two musicians whose music will always be for all seasons.

This one is for you, Tom.


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