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A Few Wildflowers Remain In Sabino Canyon   2 comments

7 Falls Oct 2013-8258 blog

7 Falls Oct 2013-8240 blog

7 Falls Oct 2013-8277 blog“Still Adding Color To The Trail” — Images by kenne



on for tomorrow,

Arizona wildflowers.

— kenne

Hiking The Sweetwater Trail   Leave a comment

Sweetwater Trail Panorama-72Panorama of the Santa Catalina Mountains from the Sweetwater Trail in the Tucson Mountains (March 15, 2019)
— Images by kenne

SCVN members and guests hiked the Sweetwater Trail
Friday, March 15, 2019, on a beautiful spring day.
As has been the case for a couple of weeks,
wildflowers are blooming everywhere
with a background of wispy white clouds
on a canvas of blue. 

— kenne

Arizona Fleabane Wildflowers   Leave a comment

Arizona Fleabane-Edit-1-blogArizona Fleabane Wildflowers On Mt. Lemmon — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Named after the state
This fleabane loves shaded slopes
Found alone streambeds.

— kenne

Arizona Fleabane Wildflowers   Leave a comment

Spreading fleabane-1293 blog

Arizona fleabane-1292 blogArizona Fleabane — Images by kenne


Honey Bee On Arizona Fleabane — Digital Art   Leave a comment

Arizona Fleabane & Bee (1 of 1) art blogHoney Bee On Arizona Fleabane — Digital Art by kenne

my nature photos
masking layers of art filters
creating my art

digital painting
colors become transparent
blending together

i have become a
digital photo artist
uniting my hands

whatever my tools
technology empowers
the will and desire

i seek to be good
i seek to communicate
not to be perfect

i seek the duende
to find my kindred feelings
in all that I do


— kenne

Capturing The Moment, Again — Columbine Wildflower   6 comments

Columbine (1 of 1)_blogColumbine Wildflower On the Mt. Lemmon Meadow Trail — Image by kenne

The monsoon rains are bringing on the Mt. Lemmon wildflowers. One of my favorite wildflowers is the columbine. Even though I have a lot of columbine photos, it’s beauty always makes me feel as if I’m photographing it for the first time — something poetic about that, don’t you think?



Capturing The Moment — Desert Wildflowers, Sutherland Trail   7 comments

Sonoran Desert Wildflowers Along The Sutherland Trail In Catalina State Park, Arizona — Images by kenne
(Click on any of the above tiled images to see larger view in a slideshow.)

Spring colors deserts
Beautifying a harsh land
With nature’s softness.

— kenne

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