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There’s A Chill In The Air   Leave a comment

Morning Snow On The Catalinas-2-72New Year’s Day Morning with More Snow On The Catalina Mountains — Image by kenne

This is the first time the front range got some snow with much more on Mt. Lemmon —  not visible from this location.
At this posting, it is still snowing at the higher elevations.

— kenne

House Finch   Leave a comment

House Finch-0028 blog IIHouse Finch — Computer Art by kenne

Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.

— from the poem “Dreams” by Langston Hughes

Drinking The Ancient Medicine   1 comment

Sunset (1 of 1) blogSunset Over The Tucson Mountains — Image by kenne

My home is in the foothills,
Down near the wash
Where water flows
When it rains in the mountains.

Each day I watch the sunset
Gone, a million thoughts
Now traveling through the galaxies
Leaving nature’s priceless treasure.

It is not a thing, yet it is before me
Only to be concealed by shadows
Walking across the mountains
Sinking deeply into earth’s flesh.

I live in the foothills,
Now five winters, where each night
I’m happy resting among the stars
Drinking the ancient medicine.

— kenne


Yes, This Is The Desert!   Leave a comment

Monsoon Clouds (1 of 1)-2 blogSanta Catalina Foothills, Monsoon Morning — Image by kenne

A desert sunrise

Is blocked by high and low clouds,

A jungle out there.

— kenne

Pools Of Sorrow, Waves Of Joy   6 comments

Tanuri Ridge (1 of 1) blog framed“Waves of Joy” — Image by kenne
Palo Verde trees, common to the Sonoran Desert, brighten the Tucson area in the springtime with millions of five-petaled yellow blossoms.


We traverse these streets,
sometimes early in the morning,
sometimes late in the day,
sometimes walking,
sometimes running —
always for a reason.

We wave at passersby,
sometimes we greet them,
sometimes it’s just a smile
sometimes we stop and talk,
sometimes walking together,
always for a reason.

We have neighborly expectations,
sometimes it’s watering plants,
sometimes it’s calling the ill,
sometimes it’s being complimentary,
sometimes it’s being watchful,
always for a reason.

We can be a convivial people,
sometimes we go out together,
sometimes we party together,
sometimes we join clubs together,
sometimes we share community work,
always for a reason.

We can be adversaries,
sometimes our expectations are not real,
sometimes we overreact,
sometimes we take reactions personally,
sometimes power is polarized, frustration generalized,
always for a reason.

We can be Pleasantville,
sometimes we are without color,
sometimes we are in pools of sorrow,
sometimes we are in waves of joy,
sometimes drifting through my open mind,
always for a reason.

— kenne

Tanuri Ridge (1 of 1) blog framed B-W“Pools of Sorrow” — Image be kenne

Clouds Over Tanuri Ridge   2 comments

Cloud Images by kenne (Click on any of the images to see a larger view.)

Capturing The Moment — Little Lemonhead   Leave a comment

Ned's Nature Walk -- 01-1-09-13Little Lemonhead — Image by kenne

Winter brings its own beauty, but flowers are not usually part of the picture. In the Santa Catalina foothills of the Sonoran Desert there exist a plant with small yellow heads with narrow yellow rays. The above image was taken yesterday in the Sabino Canyon riparian area near the Sabino Canyon Dam.

Another image of this plant, by Ned Harris, can be viewed on Ann Green’s blog, Sabino Canyon.


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