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Windy Point — Santa Catalina Mountains   Leave a comment


Windy Point (1 of 1) blogWindy Point — Image by kenne

Windy Point at the 6,000′ point along the highway up to Mt. Lemmon (9,200′) provides some of best views of the Tucson basin. With the monsoon season finally starting, this image shows how dynamic the clouds can be.

“If someone asks a favor of me, it is because I still have some use on this earth.”

— from The Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coelho



Hiking To Higher Elevations Above Rose Canyon Lake   2 comments

Rose Lake July 2013

The Monday Morning Milers (MMM) are a mix-age group with a variety of hiking skills, ages spanning over 50 years. On this morning, Jim, Kristin, Tom and myself took a more challenging route from the other MMM hikers. They stayed on the canyon path out to a lower vista, we set out to climb the high ridge above the canyon. Here Tom is trying to decide whether the way Kristin and Jim are going is the best way when there’s not good trail. Since there’s not much of a trail, we set out bushwhacking our way to the top of the ridge above Rose Canyon. Most of this area was in the Aspen Fire ten years ago and is now covered with bushes with lots of thorns.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Most of the MMM hikers took the trail that runs between Rose Canyon and the Catalina Highway up from Windy Point. Jim, Kristin, Tom and I bushwhacked up the higher ridge above the canyon, which is where most of the images in the above slideshow were taken. Our return to Rose Canyon Lake was more difficult than the climb up. The four of us spread out trying to find the best path back. In doing so, I headed more down into the canyon, separating me from the others. Rather than heading back toward them, I kept going down into the canyon with the objective up climbing up to the trail the others took to the vista. Once reaching the trail, I was on track back to the lake where Kristin, Tom and Jim were waiting. (You can click on any of the images to stop the slideshow, then click to advance.) — Images by kenne


Capturing The Moment — A Little Cheesecake On The Rocks   4 comments

Rock Climbing Mt Lemon

Windy Point On Catalina Highway — Images and video by kenne

August of 2010, only two months after arriving in Tucson, I was driving up Catalina Highway. Like many people new to the area, I stopped at Windy Point, which provides great views of the Tucson valley area. 

After leaving my car, I noticed some young people rock climbing. They were actually climbing the Windy Point Rock Spire to do a photo shoot on the top. While they were climbing and later taking photos, I took photos of them.

After climbing down, I introduced myself and gave them my business card, telling them to contact me if they would like any of my images. I never heard from them. 

Now, some three years later, I decided to do another posting on this photo-opt that became a project by accident.

In the summer time I’m up in the Catalina’s about three times a week and think of the rock climbers each time I drive by Windy Point.


Capturing The Moment — You Call The Shot!   6 comments

Green Mountain 07-10-13

Green Mountain 07-10-13A young  family outing at Windy Point in the Santa Catalina Mountains overlooking Thimble Peak and downtown Tucson. — Images by kenne

Wildfire In The Santa Catalina Mountains (Prison Fire)   3 comments

Even though parts of southern Arizona received some rain late yesterday, the southwest remains very hot and dry. It is hope the the summer rains will help firefighters contain the fires without additional loss of life after the 19 deaths in the Yarnell Hill Fire last night.

When conditions are this dry, rain is needed to add moisture, reducing the amount of fuel for wildfires. However, with rain comes lightning, as was the case with yesterday’s rain in southern Arizona. Lightening started a fire at about the 5,000′ level in the Santa Catalina Mountains, not far from the eight mile marker on the Catalina Highway. The fire has burned over 200 acres and has been named the Prison Fire since is in the area where the former WW-II prison camp, now the Gordon Hirabayashi Recreation Site.

Prison Camp FireView of Catalina Highway near Windy Point with smoke to the upper right and a red helicopter near the lower center of the photo.

On most Mondays in the summer, I hike with the Monday Morning Milers on Mount Lemmon. This morning’s hike was on the Knagge Cabin trail at Incinerator Ridge, which is located about 3,000′ above the Prison Fire.

Prison Camp FireReadying the bucket to drop water on hotspots.

After starting the hike, I noticed a red helicopter circling below, so I move for a better view of what was up. The helicopter was landing near a water tank where a bucket was being attached to a cable from the helicopter.

Since I had driven up the mountain by myself, not needing to wait for other hikers, I decided to get a closer look at this helicopter firefighting method to help put out hotspots. Driving down the highway, stopping at several points to take photos. I was not able to go into the Prison camp area because of security, so my closest photos were taken near the entrance. A professional photographer was nearby, so we talked about the wildfire. He is in one of 26 images you can see on Flickr by clicking here.


Prison Camp FireImages by kenne (To See More Images, Click here.)

Capturing The Moment — Rock Climbing At Windy Point   16 comments

Rock Climbing Mt LemonClimbers at Windy Point In The Santa Catalinas Over Looking Tucson, Arizona — Image by kenne

Santa Catalina Mountain Snow Images — It’s A white Christmas On Mt. Lemmon   3 comments

December Snow_20111215_0797 Art II blog

Snow Covered Christmas Trees On Mt. Lemmon, December 2011 — Image by kenne

Some of the recent postings chronicled my drive up to Mt. Lemmon after heavy snowfall last week. The above image serves as a cover to a slideshow of the photos I captured in the Santa Catalina Mountains. Given the season, having all these winter snow images reflect the white Christmas image we all have seen or carry as a mental image. Click here to see the show


Capturing the Moment in a Video — Windy Point Rock Spire   3 comments

Climbing Windy Point Rock Spire  — Image by kenne

A week ago I took some time to go take some scenic photos on Mt. Lemmon. On the drive up, I stop at one of the vistas, Windy Point. When I left Tucson, the temperature was 103 degrees, but Windy Point, which is about 7,000 feet in elevation, the temperature was a pleasant 80 degrees, which is another reason the less than an hour drive is very inviting this time of year.

Windy Point is a popular stop on the way up Mt Lemmon and a great photo opt site — this is where I took the “talking tree” photo in an earlier blog posting. When I was about to leave Windy Point, I noticed some people climbing the nearby rock spire and decided to climb up near the spire to take photos of the climb. It didn’t take long to realize that this climb was all about a photo shoot at the top of the rock spire. The following video has the photos I took of their climb and photo shoot.


Here’s a link to the complete Photo Set.

Capturing the Word — “Talking Tree”   3 comments

rock-climbing-mt-lemon-9893-2010-08-20-talking-tree-d-poster-blog.jpg“Talking Tree” — Image by kenne

Talking Tree

“Hey you,” said a hollow raspy old voice.
Looking around, there was no one near me.
Concluding the voice came from people
on nearby boulders, I kept on walking.

“I know you heard me, don’t you see me?”
The voice was the same, this time more stern.
Still, there was no one behind me,
only the remains of an old tree.

Perhaps the voice came from behind the tree.
I began moving toward the tree, when,
suddenly one of the tree limbs began to move.
This can’t be, the tree was waving to me.

Was the sun starting to get to me?
“Don’t be afraid, come a little closer.
My voice was damaged from all the smoke.
Yes, the voice you hear is me,” said the tree.

This cannot be a talking tree, I thought.
Yet, there’s no one else around.
Still a non-believer, I nervously whispered,
“You cannot be a talking tree!”

“When I was green, I lived with other trees,
sharing views of ten mountain ranges,
dancing with the wind at Windy Point
where the desert turns into a lush forest.”

“Daily I would talk to stone images
carved over time by the wind,
creating impressionable stone statues
guarded by the Rock spire at Windy Point.”

“Over time lightening strikes have spark fires,
destroying forests, scarring the mountainsides,
leaving stumps and distorted trees
to cultivate a new life in the Catalina Mountains.”

“You should always listen,” said the tree.
“Listen to the trees and stone images, for they
hold the secrets to this mountain jewel overlooking
the Old Pueblo in the desert below.”


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