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Capturing The Moment — Rock Climbing At Windy Point Vista   4 comments

Rock Climbing-9252 blogWindy Point Vista In The Santa Catalina Mountains — Image by kenne

Here’s a link to a 360 view from Windy Point Vista:


Capturing The Moment — A Little Cheesecake On The Rocks   4 comments

Rock Climbing Mt Lemon

Windy Point On Catalina Highway — Images and video by kenne

August of 2010, only two months after arriving in Tucson, I was driving up Catalina Highway. Like many people new to the area, I stopped at Windy Point, which provides great views of the Tucson valley area. 

After leaving my car, I noticed some young people rock climbing. They were actually climbing the Windy Point Rock Spire to do a photo shoot on the top. While they were climbing and later taking photos, I took photos of them.

After climbing down, I introduced myself and gave them my business card, telling them to contact me if they would like any of my images. I never heard from them. 

Now, some three years later, I decided to do another posting on this photo-opt that became a project by accident.

In the summer time I’m up in the Catalina’s about three times a week and think of the rock climbers each time I drive by Windy Point.


Capturing The Moment — Rock Climbing At Windy Point   16 comments

Rock Climbing Mt LemonClimbers at Windy Point In The Santa Catalinas Over Looking Tucson, Arizona — Image by kenne

“May Your Mountains Rise . . .”   7 comments

Bug Springs April 2013

Bug Springs April 2013

Bug Springs April 2013Views along the lower third of Bug Springs Trail Near Catalina Highway. — Images by kenne

This area experience a wildfire several years ago. Signs still stand as grass and other desert plants slowly take hold. This time of year everything is dry and windy. There will probably not be any rain between now and the summer monsoon, which normally begins in July. Hopeful, this area will not experience another wildfire.

May your trails be crooked,
leading to the most amazing view.
May your mountains rise into
and above the clouds.

— Edward Abbey

Bug Springs April 2013Bug Springs Trail Panoramic View Toward The Higher Elevation Segment Of Catalina Highway — Image by kenne


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