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Verdin In Sabino Canyon Riparian Area   Leave a comment

Verdin in Sabino Canyon-Edit-1-art-72.jpgVerdin In Sabino Canyon Riparian Area — Photo-Artistry by kenne

His call is clear
a chip followed
by another chip
then another
moving as in a
constant motion —
chip, chip.

— kenne

Sabino Canyon Fall Colors Panoramas   4 comments

Sabino Canyon Fall Colors_Panorama1 blog

Sabino Canyon Fall Colors Panorama--3 blog

Sabino Canyon Fall Colors Panorama- blog

Sabino Canyon Fall Colors -Panorama2 blog

Sabino Canyon Fall Colors Panorama--2-blog

Hutches Pool

Sabino Dam Fall Colors Panorama-blog

Sabino Canyon January colors-0845 Panorama blog-2Sabino Canyon Fall Colors Along Sabino Creek Panoramas — Photo-Essay by kenne



Riparian Landscape In Sabino Canyon   2 comments

MMM 02-04-13Riparian Landscape, Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne

As I grow older
the world becomes
stranger with new
challenges paired with
own anxieties from
which I work on
a new story of life.

— kenne

January In Sabino Canyon   Leave a comment

January 1st Colors- blogJanuary In Sabino Canyon (View from the Bluff Trail, January 1, 2018) — Panorama by kenne


Wild Balsam Apple Seedpod — Hanging Dry On The Vine   Leave a comment

wild-balsam-apple-0538-seed-pod-art-blogWild Balsam Apple Seedpod — Computer Art by kenne

A spiny seed pod

Left hanging dry on the vine

Wild balsam apple.

Late Fall In Sabino Canyon Photo Essay   Leave a comment

The large cottonwoods, Arizona Sycomore, Ash, Willows common to riparian area along Sabino Creek share their color around the Holiday Season — nature’s gift to our beautiful canyon.

The trail leads through
the towering saguaros,
I search for yellows and reds
near the dry creek.

Leaves in sequence fall
fulfilling the plan
guarded by nature
in fragments of gold.

I stopped to wonder,
not knowing the random
planting in the entrails
of Sabino Canyon.

— kenne

Images by kenne

Ladder-backed Woodpecker   2 comments

Ladder-backed Woodpecker (1 of 1) blogA Ladder-backed Woodpecker in the Riparian Zone of Sabino Canyon (March 10, 2016) — Image by kenne

In among willow  branches 

the red-headed woodpecker

runs up the tree

foraging for food.

— kenne


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