That To Which The Heart Gives Birth   2 comments

MMM 02-04-13

“Window To The Sky”

MMM 02-04-13Images by kenne

The Eye Of The Beholder

IF, as they tell in stories old, 
The waters of Pactolus roll’d 
Over a sand of shifting gold; 

If ever there were fairies, such 
As those that charm the child so much, 
With jewels growing ’neath their touch; 

If, in the wine-cup’s sweet deceit, 
There lies a secret pleasant cheat, 
That turns to beauty all we meet; 

The stream, the fairy, and the wine, 
In the first love of youth combine 
To make its object seem divine. 

No golden sand of fabl’d river, 
No jewel glittering for ever, 
No wine-born vision’s melting quiver, 

In vivid glory can compare 
With that which we ourselves prepare 
To throw round that we fancy fair. 

Never such beauty glittered yet, 
In golden beams of suns that set 
On cupola and minaret. 

Never such beauty met men’s eyes 
In silver light of moons that rise 
O’er lonely lakes ’neath tropic skies. 

The world holds nothing of such worth, 
There ’s nothing half so fair on earth, 
As that to which the heart gives birth: 

External beauties pall and fade; 
But that which my own soul hath made, 
To my conception, knows no shade. 

To every ark there comes a dove, 
To every heart from heaven above 
Is sent a beauty born of love. 

The moonlit lake, the waving trees, 
It is the eye which looks on these 
That makes the loveliness it sees. 

Out of myself the beauty grows, 
Out of myself the beauty flows 
That decks the petals of the rose. 

So, when at Ada’s feet I lay, 
And saw her glorious as the day, 
’Twas my own heart that lent the ray. 

James Lionel Michael

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  1. Love your altered pic. What do you use here to shift the image?


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