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Now That There’s Water In The Creek, We Are Ready For The Season   5 comments

Phoneline 12-21-12

Maribeth's iPhone Photo

Maribeth’s iPhone Photo

Now a little over a week ago, we received rain in southern Arizona for the first time in months. The creek in Sabino Canyon had been dry for some time. Yes, there were a few pools here and there with a few gila chub, the native fish found in the creek, but no running water. For weeks I’ve had elementary school kids stand above the dam telling them they were “walking on water”, only that it was a few feet below the sand. It’s amazing how the desert begins to transform from the site of water running through the canyon — a site for dry eyes!

Then,  there is the sound of water causing one to rush down to the water-side, like a magical sound of the piper.

Yesterday, some of us were hiking through the Sabino Canyon riparian area enjoying the winter solstice colors along the creek — tis the season to be merry! 


Phoneline 12-21-12

Phoneline 12-21-12

Phoneline 12-21-12Images by kenne

Sabino Canyon After Late Fall Rains   1 comment

Snow In The Mountains, Rain-Washed Desert Soil Held Back By Cryptobiotic Soil (dark areas near prickly pear cactus) — Image by kenne

Sabino Creek from the Buff Trail — Image by kenne

Sabino Creek — Image by kenne

Sabino Dam — Image by kenne

Fall images after over an inch of rain in Sabino Canyon


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