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Turkey Vultures — Annual Migration North   1 comment

Turkey Vultures In The Morning Sun — Images by kenne

The Morning Sun

Hope comes with the morning sun

Warming the body and the soul

Washing away yesterdays troubles

Providing a new beginning

To be lived as if it were your last —

Every minute being a gift.


Turkey Vultures March 2013

The Migration Is Almost Over   2 comments

Turkey Vulture blogTurkey Vulture — Image by kenne

Each spring hundreds of turkey vultures roost overnight near Tanuri Ridge. The following morning they start circling as they continue their flight north. A few weeks ago we would count 250 or more taking off each morning. This morning the count was a half-dozen. There are thousands the migrate through the Tucson basin, Tanuri Ridge just one narrow corridor. I photographed this vulture as he flow over our house. The migration south will begin in early October.

— kenne 

Anna’s Hummingbird   2 comments

Hummingbird - Youth blogFemale Anna’s Hummingbird — Image by kenne

Lack of rain in the Sonoran Desert has reduced the amount of food available for hummingbirds — very few wildflowers this year. But my lemon tree, which is in bloom has been attacking several of these small birds. Plus, I’m not sure how the warmer than normal has affected migration. 

Here in Tucson, you can see hummingbirds year-round in riparian areas and backyards. We are fortunate to have The Paton Center for Hummingbirds, a place to explore and experience the special birds of southeast Arizona. It is dedicated to the celebration and conservation of hummingbirds—and all of southeast Arizona’s astounding biodiversity—through recreation, education, and sustainable living.

— kenne

The Migrating Turkey Vultures Are Back   1 comment

Turkey Vulture (1 of 1)-14 blog-1

Turkey Vulture (1 of 1)-19 blogImages by kenne

This time of year the migrating turkey vultures come gliding and circling in each afternoon from the north landing in the large trees along the Tanque Verde Wash. Our home is about 100 yards up from the wash, so it’s easy to watch for migrating birds. The next morning like clockwork, they start circling up around 9:00 am continuing their return to Mexico.

— kenne

Tanque Verde Grunge   1 comment

Vultures (1 of 1)-17 grunge art blogTurkey Vulture Near Tanque Verde Wash — Grunge Art by kenne

White Winged Dove On A ‘Nest’ Of Saguaro Buds   4 comments

Whitewing Dove (1 of 1) Nest of Saguaro Blossoms blog framedThis White Winged dove stands among a bouquet of Saguaro buds. Image by kenne

Migrating each year
To the Sonoran desert
For cactus nectar.

She awaits blossoms
Soon to open with nectar
In the night darkness.

Nearby cactus bloom,
But she waits among the buds
To open this night.

First serving the bats
She takes her turn each morning
In the warming sun.

— kenne

Our Visitors Are Still Coming Through Tucson   2 comments

Vultures & Sunsets

The turkey vulture numbers are fewer each day, but the continue migrating to places north. This mornings count was 52. — Images by kenne

Vultures & Sunsets

Vultures & Sunsets

Vultures & Sunsets

Vultures & Sunsets


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