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What Is A Lemon?   Leave a comment

Meyer Lemon Blossoms — Photo-Artistry by kenne

What is a lemon?
Is it a seed?
A blossom?
A tree?

All the above,
each is a stage
playing a part — 
connection of parts
forming a whole
in nature.

Always dependent
on water
on sunlight
on bees
on wind
on nature.

— kenne

Anna’s Hummingbird   2 comments

Hummingbird - Youth blogFemale Anna’s Hummingbird — Image by kenne

Lack of rain in the Sonoran Desert has reduced the amount of food available for hummingbirds — very few wildflowers this year. But my lemon tree, which is in bloom has been attacking several of these small birds. Plus, I’m not sure how the warmer than normal has affected migration. 

Here in Tucson, you can see hummingbirds year-round in riparian areas and backyards. We are fortunate to have The Paton Center for Hummingbirds, a place to explore and experience the special birds of southeast Arizona. It is dedicated to the celebration and conservation of hummingbirds—and all of southeast Arizona’s astounding biodiversity—through recreation, education, and sustainable living.

— kenne

Lemon Tree Blossom   Leave a comment

Lemon Blossom-1478 II blogLemon Tree Blossom — Computer Art by kenne

“True love opens the gates of time.

— Neil Young

Potted Lemon Tree Blossoms   Leave a comment

Lemon Tree Blossons (1 of 1)-4 blogPotted Lemon Tree Blossoms — Image by kenne


Time To Cover Plants In The Desert   4 comments

Lemon Tree img_978307200.000000 blog

Lemon Tree-9030 blogPotted Lemon Tree — Images by kenne

This past spring our potted lemon tree had three lemons from the few blossoms on the small tree. They are now near being harvested. Mean while the three is blossoming, with some new lemons already on the tree. 

Now much of the west had a weather low that is bring freezing weather. Last night we had rain, with snow on Mount Lemon. Tomorrow morning’s low will be below freezing here in Tucson — time to cover some of the more tender plants.


Lemon Tree   1 comment

On a sunny morn
In February
Four years plus we did
Plant our lemon tree
Lisbon by name, strong
By fame.

Each year in the spring
We lovingly watched
Beautiful blossoms
Providing no fruit
Growing only more
By hope.

Was our emotion
Soon to surrender
To anxiety
From winter’s record

Slowly leaves fall
Signaling despair
Overcome by hope
The tree will survive
A winter of the

Not so was its fate
Spring having arrived
No signs of growth
Patiently we watch
Finally the day came


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Our Lonely, But Lovely Lemon Tree   Leave a comment

Lemon Tree June 2009  7340 - 2009-06-24 at 11-41-44 art blogBlue Lemon Tree

Our Lonely, But Lovely Lemon Tree

The time was long to pass
after each dropped from the tree
Last season so few blossoms
With even fewer lemons
This too was a lesson
Of our lonely lemon tree.

We passed that summer
Providing attention and care
To the poor lemon tree
Warding off the evils
That may do harm
To our lonely lemon tree.

Then in late winter
Many sweet blossoms
Covered our lemon tree
Our hearts were again
Filled with love
For our lovely lemon tree.

Shining in the sunlight
As bees sucked sweetness
from the lemon flower and
little lemons began to appear
to be gazed upon each morning
beneath our lovely lemon tree.

Then one day the lemons
Began to fall from the tree
Leaving witness to another year
Sadder but wiser now
From this common tale but true
Of our lonely lemon tree.


(Note: For you Botanical folks, I have been treating the tree as prescribed by knowledgeable people, but as you can see in this link there are several possible causes for our problems. Suggestions are most welcomed. And, I cause you are wondering, our tree’s leaves are not blue but look much like those pictured in the link.)

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