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Tree At The Wave   1 comment

The Wave March Tree-2012-03-21-Edit-2-B&W-72Tree at The Wave — Image by kenne

You can photograph trees

over and over and over

and tell a different

a story in everyone.

— kenne

Time To Cover Plants In The Desert   4 comments

Lemon Tree img_978307200.000000 blog

Lemon Tree-9030 blogPotted Lemon Tree — Images by kenne

This past spring our potted lemon tree had three lemons from the few blossoms on the small tree. They are now near being harvested. Mean while the three is blossoming, with some new lemons already on the tree. 

Now much of the west had a weather low that is bring freezing weather. Last night we had rain, with snow on Mount Lemon. Tomorrow morning’s low will be below freezing here in Tucson — time to cover some of the more tender plants.


Bad Hair Day   1 comment

Doubtful Canyon Weekend Dec 2012

“Bad Hair Day” Image by kenne

Near dried riverbed

Where water runs underground

Too deep for tree roots.


A Wisp Of The Past   3 comments

“A Wisp of The Past” — Image by kenne

Left standing alone

Only a wisp of the past

Surrounded by the new.


Trees, The Stuff of Myths   6 comments

Poem & Image by kenne


are worthy of reverence,

giving us a sense

of the unknown,

becoming the center

of our fascination.


are holders of curiosity,

masked in the name

of wisdom,

facility of spirit,

carrying a person’s mind

past himself.


are witness to happenings,

generating the stuff

of myths,

upon which we share

the essence and

power of becoming.

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