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San Pedro Valley Panorama   2 comments

San Pedro Valley As Viewed from the Santa Catalina Mountains — Panorama Image by kenne

the valley below

is a view to be captured

so it can be shared

— kenne

Before The Fire   2 comments

Mt. Lemmon, San Pedro Valley Vista Before the Big Horn Fire — Image by kenne

“You can’t divide the country up into sections and have one rule for one section
and one rule for another, and you can’t encourage people’s prejudices.
You have to appeal to people’s best instincts, not their worst ones.
You may win an election or so by doing the other,
but it does a lot of harm to the country.”

— Jon Meacham, The Soul of America: The Battle for Our Better Angels

San Pedro River Valley Vista — No Words   Leave a comment

Green Mountain TrailSan Pedro River Valley Vista (Santa Catalina Mountains) — Image by kenne

Green Mountain Trail Vista   4 comments

San Padro River Valley 3274 blogGreen Mountain Trail Vista — Image by kenne

Echoing off mountain rocks —
Big boulders by name.

Where ancient drums beat
To the rhythm of the hiker’s heart —
Magic in each step.

Singin’ to yourself
On the pathway to glory —
Downhill all the way.

— kenne

San Padro River Valley Hanging Tight   1 comment

Green Mountain Trail-3273 panorama blogSan Padro River Valley Panorama by kenne

Rivers running dry
Nature making best from less
Knowing to hang tight.

— kenne

Green Mountain Blues   5 comments

Green Mountain TrailSan Pedro River Valley from Green Mountain (April 19, 2013) — Image by kenne

Green Mountain Blues

Today I heard the Burro Fire
is burning near the
Green Mountain Trail,
one of many beautiful trails
in the Santa Catalina Mountains.

The trail begins in a
lush and green forest
ponderosa pines, 
Douglas firs and sloping 
rock formations leading
to the top of Green Mountain.

Soon the forest changes
to oaks and manzanitas
allowing for spectacular
panoramic views of the
San Pedro River Valley
to the northeast.
(The direction of the Burro Fire.)

Unless your feet carry you
it’s not likely most people
will every see these
Sky Island vistas hidden
from the mainstream of people
driving Catalina Highway.

Today I sit at my computer
going through blog posting
of hiking the Green Mountain trail
hoping firefighters will contain
the Burro Fire before it
destroys Green Mountain.

In each of the many photos
I have taken I feel the mountain
and listen to myself
trying to put feeling into words,
which I say without listening
then I hear it without saying.

The images I possess
have recorded what was
in time will recapture
new vistas open for view
through nature’s door
hinged in the air.

— kenne

Green Mountain Trail

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Capturing The Moment — Oak Fire   2 comments

Forest Fire (1 of 1)-2 blog framedSmoke from the Oak Forest Fire Framed by a Tree Burned Ten Years Ago in the Santa Catalina Mountains.

Forest Fire (1 of 1) blogThe Oak Fire Northeast of the San Pedro Valley as Seen from Oracle Ridge Trail in the Santa Catalina Mountains,
the Smaller of Two Forest Fires Currently Burning in Arizona. A larger wildfire, the San Juan Fire
is Burning near the White Mountains Town of Vernon.
— Images by kenne

SCVN Guided Hike On Lower Butterfly Trail To Leopold Point   3 comments

Lower Butterfly Trail to Leopold Point July 2013

Lower Butterfly Trail to Leopold Point July 2013Maribeth and Ricki looking out over the San Pedro River Valley.

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Lower Butterfly Trail to Leopold Point July 2013Taking a break at Leopold Point — Images by kenne

Capturing The Moment — Rusby’s Primrose At Leopold Point   1 comment

As we neared the top of Leopold Point off of Lower Butterfly trail in the Santa Catalina mountains, these beautiful Rusby’s primrose wildflowers seemed to jump off the rocks. — Images by kenne

A Wisp Of The Past   3 comments

“A Wisp of The Past” — Image by kenne

Left standing alone

Only a wisp of the past

Surrounded by the new.


Capturing The Moment — The San Pedro Valley And Galiuro Mountains   Leave a comment

The San Pedro Valley And Galiuro Mountains — Image taken from Mica Mountain by kenne

Why Don’t We Do It In The Mushrooms?   1 comment

Blue Beetles In The Mushrooms (There are also two caterpillars in the mushrooms. Can you find them?)
— Image by kenne

“Why Don’t We Do It In The Mushrooms?

No One Will Be Watching Us.

Why Don’t We Do It In The Mushrooms?”

Sing these lines to the Beatles twelve-bar blues song,
“Why Do We Do It In The Road?” — keep repeating it!


(Photos taken along Butterfly Trail on Mount Lemmon, August 19, 2011.)

San Pedro River Valley View Along Butterfly Trail On Mount Lemmon — Image by kenne

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