Trees, The Stuff of Myths   6 comments

Poem & Image by kenne


are worthy of reverence,

giving us a sense

of the unknown,

becoming the center

of our fascination.


are holders of curiosity,

masked in the name

of wisdom,

facility of spirit,

carrying a person’s mind

past himself.


are witness to happenings,

generating the stuff

of myths,

upon which we share

the essence and

power of becoming.

Posted December 29, 2011 by kenneturner in Art, Information, Life, Nature, Philosophy, Photography, Poetry

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6 responses to “Trees, The Stuff of Myths

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  1. Great striking image. I love trees and your poem.


  2. Beautiful picture


  3. Great post again.


  4. FOREVERGREEN (Big Tree)

    For thirty-five hundred years
    You’ve towered o’er this land
    Almost one hundred forty feet
    The great height that you stand.

    Fifty thousand board feet
    Of lumber, your trunk bears
    Some say, “That is awesome!”
    And there’s some who say, “Who cares!”

    The top of you is hollow
    To catch the falling rain
    Like a well up in the Sky
    To quench your thirst again.

    Forty-seven feet around
    And eighteen feet across
    And if you died and fell
    It would be the people’s loss.

    Big Tree, it seems such a shame
    That you must be fenced in
    To protect you from those who
    Would strip your branches and skin.

    I hope future generations
    Can stare at you in awe
    And that you won’t fall victim to
    Man’s poisons, or chain saw.

    Del “Abe” Jones


  5. One of my most favorite subjects, “trees”! I rarely go upon a walk without stopping to gaze on one or another. I live in a town with many, many lovely older trees. The town is surrounded by the foothills on the eastern side of the Cascade Mts in Washington state. These hills are mostly barren of any trees, such a contrast! I count my blessings that the people that settled our town saw fit to populate the locale with so many lovely trees! It makes for a wonderful oassis in the midst of stark sage covered hills.


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