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In The Dark Of Night   1 comment

Turkey Vultures March 2013“In The Dark Of The Night” — Image by kenne

Roosting high in the
trees of death,
they rest
overnight —
a long journey,
places far south.

Before sunset,
we watched them 
circle above Tunuri,
following the path
of generations,
driven by a seventh sense.

Numbers we count
at dusk and dawn,
only to ponder
why the numbers vary —
best guess,
a factor of distance.

Not the only
carion-eating animal,
these majestic birds
are maligned
as a symbol,

Born of the 
new world,
don’t call them
buzzard —
let us see,
horaltic pose.


Turkey Vultures March 2013“Horaltic Pose” –Image by kenne

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