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Exiting The River At Rurrnabaque — Photo-Essay   Leave a comment

BoliviaUnloading at Rurrenabaque

BoliviaA short walk to Pedro’s Berraco del Madidi Tours office.

Last Day On The River-25-72.jpgIt’s mid-day in Rurrenabaque.

BoliviaBerraco del Madidi Tours office, where we were able to shower before having lunch.

BoliviaPedro’s staff. They served us well during our time in Madidi National Park.

BoliviaOur guide and owner of Berraco del Madidi Amazon Adventure Tours, Pedro Macuapa. 
We really appreciate all he did for us making our time in Madidi National Park enjoyable and very successful.
— kenne

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Tuichi River Day 2, The Fog Begins To Lift   5 comments

Tuichi River Day 2-17-72.jpgWith the fog lifting, you can feel the jungle moving away.

BoliviaNow it’s Matt’s turn to take over the lead as Ty enjoys the competition.

Tuichi River Day 2-20-72.jpgIt’s all fun and games

Tuichi River Day 2-21-72.jpgas Pedro’s uncle steers clear through the rough areas.

Tuichi River Day 2-23-72.jpgI keep the camera above my shoulders to capture a picture through the rapids.

BoliviaHere comes the sun!

Tuichi River Day 2-2772.jpgWhat a fantastic morning for riding the river waters.

BoliviaMatt paddles 

Boliviaas Pedro’s uncle steers.

BoliviaA flock of parakeets are singing in the trees

Boliviaas three macaws make their own loud, screeching and squawking noise flying by.
— Images by kenne




Tuichi River, Day 2 — Somewhere Around The Bend   1 comment

BoliviaA morning where the spirits of Madidi are all around.

BoliviaShadows abound as the sun tries mightily to open up the sky.

Tuichi River Day 2-5-72.jpgThe Berraco del Madidi boat is readied for another day
leading the way to the Berraco del Madidi EcoCamp for the night.

Tuichi River Day 2-7-72.jpgBreakfast before before paddling the rafts down the river.

Tuichi River Day 2-8-72.jpgPedro already has the raft with Ty and me away from the bank
as I capture another image of our overnight campsite on the Tuichi.

Tuichi River Day 2-10-72.jpgThese are moments in life where the self is truly in touch with nature as you listen close
— the sound gets better as eyes are watching.

Tuichi River Day 2-11-72.jpgMoment to moment the shadows on the river surface get darker as the rising sun 

Boliviablurs in a swirling fog.

BoliviaIf your heart is like mine

Tuichi River Day 2-15-72.jpgyou are here with me.

BoliviaThere’s not wind to help the sun in the morning battle,
so Matt and Ty decide to have their own battle rafting down the river.

Rafting On The Tuichi River, Day 1   1 comment

Some of the recent posting are a little out of order.
This posting follows “Preparing To Raft Down The Tuichi River In Madidi National Park.” 
BoliviaBalsa wood rafting was one of the things for which we had been waiting.
Here I’m in front of Matt who is paddling while I’m taking photos.
I also had a paddle, but stayed busy taking the trip photos.

On The Road In Madidi-49-72.jpgPedro is also paddling, but more important, he is steering.
Behind us is Ty with Pedro’s uncle.

BoliviaTy is working hard to  overtake us . . .

Bolivia. . . and does.

On The Road In Madidi-54-72.jpgThe scenery was amazing, or should I say “Amazoning.”

BoliviaThe supply boat with Tom and Maria passing us to go ahead
and select a camp site and start setting up the tents.

BoliviaTy and Pedro’s uncle near some rapids.
The river is a little higher because of the recent overnight rains,
reducing some of the rapids.

BoliviaI usually had to wipe my camera lens after each rapids.

BoliviaThis is where we would spend our first night on the river.

BoliviaTom and I shared one of the tents.

BoliviaUncle also set up a lean-to tent.

BoliviaTom at the dinner table

BoliviaMaria did the cooking with her husband’s help.

BoliviaTy and Tom talking about their first day on the Tuichi River.

BoliviaTy and Matt are getting ready to set around a fire being prepared.
— Images by kenne


Preparing To Raft Down The Tuichi River In Madidi National Park   3 comments

On The Road In Madidi-31-72.jpgOne of the two balsa wood rafts arrives.

BoliviaUnloading the SUV before saying goodbye to our driver. He would return to Rurrenabaque.

On The Road In Madidi-34-72.jpgPedro begins securing the raft chairs.

BoliviaThe Tacana use strips of bamboo bark to tie down the chairs.


BoliviaPedro acknowledges their success.
His helper has a large wad of Cocoa leaves in his mouth, not tobacco.
This is a common practice.

On The Road In Madidi-41-72.jpgI have placed my backpack with cameras and lenses on one of the rafts
as we wait the arrival of our supply boat as the sun gets lower in the west.

On The Road In Madidi-43-72.jpgThe supply boat finally arrives with camping supplies and additional helpers.
In addition to our guide, Pedro, there will be four helpers for the four of us — talk about caring for us.

BoliviaWe prepare to leave on the balsa rafts.
Tom and the supply boat will depart after our luggage is loaded,
passing us along the way so to begin setting up camp for the night.

The La Paz Street Scene — A Slideshow   3 comments

BoliviaTom, Matt and Ty take in the sights near our hotel in downtown La Paz — Images by kenne

Our first day in La Paz was one of trying to adjust to the altitude and hilly streets without being run over by people and vehicles — most of the streets a narrow and bustling with activity. You learn quickly to move slowly and take your time, which is very important at this altitude (11,942 ft). We started the day with coca teas and leaves while continuing to drinks plenty of water.  We were well aware that altitude sickness is not to be underestimated.

La Paz is a beautiful city with a lot of contrasts. There are markets everywhere. The following slideshow will provide a feel of what we experienced walking the street around our hotel.

— kenne

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hiking Sunset Trail, A Photo Essay   1 comment

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.”

— John Muir

Hikers-3-72Yesterday’s SCVN Friday hike took place on the Sunset Trail,
a popular summertime hike on Mt. Lemmon connecting hikers
to Marshall Gulch without having to drive all the way up through Summerhaven.

Hikers-2-72Helen and Ellen ready for the hike.

Hikers-4-72Ricki and Ellen, out guides make a backup copy of the SCVN Sign-in Sheet.

Hikers-5-72Ricki goes over the Safety Rules with the hikers.

Hikers-6-72Barbara and Jeff on the trail.

Hikers-7-72A view from Sunset Rock of the hikers on the trail.

Hikers-8-72Tosh and Liz examining rocks.

Hikers-9-72 Ellen and Ricki have a snake before hiking back to the trailhead.
– Images by kenne


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