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Addicted   2 comments

Columbine (1 of 1)-2 blogColumbine Wildflower on Mt. Lemmon (July 8, 2016) — Image by kenne

“I’m addicted to the entire planet.
I don’t want to leave it.
I want to get down into it.
I want to say hello.
On the beach, I could have stopped all day long
and looked at those damned shells,
looked for all the messages
that come not in bottles but in shells…”

— John McPhee

Golden Columbine With A Grunge Art Layer   1 comment

Golden Columbine with a Grunge Art Layer — Image by kenne

The Flower, . . .   2 comments

columbine blogGolden Columbine (Aquilegia chrysantha) — Image by kenne

The flower,

without it

there would be

no humanity.

— kenne

Golden Columbine Art   2 comments

Columbine (1 of 1) art_edit blogGolden Columbine Art — Computer Painting by kenne

Losing Count . . .   Leave a comment

Golden columbine (1 of 1) art_II. blogGolden Columbine — Computer Painting by kenne

Lost in the numbers
The count of these columbine
I have photographed.

Don’t really care
They never all look alike,
Each has character.

Golden columbine
Are always very special,
Being different.

A moment in time
Will never repeat itself,
Look for the contrast.

Time, light and darkness
Create new moments to love,
Capture each moment.

Will teach you to live somewhere
Between each moment.

Stay in the moment
And you become imprisoned
In your own being.

In photography
Each moment is connected,
Yet disconnected.

An artist chooses
To capture and/or create
Images to view.

A moment captured
Will never be viewed the same,
So get use to it!

— kenne



Not Just Another Golden Columbine Wildflower   6 comments

Aspen Draw August 2013Golden Columbine On Mt. Lemmon — Image by kenne

“Where the birds of spring, in their season sing,
Their spontaneous melodies;
Where the columbine and the stately pine
Stand quivering in the breeze;
Where the aspen tall hugs the trachyte wall,
And the wild rose bedecks the hill;
Where the willows weep, and their vigils keep,
On the banks of the San Miguel.”

— from “The Valley Of The San Miguel” by Alfred Castner King

Capturing The Moment “. . . It’s Your World For The Moment.”   Leave a comment

Aspen Draw August 2013Image by kenne

When you take a flower
in your hand
and really look at it,
it’s your world for the moment.
I want to give that world
to someone else.

Most people in the city
rush around so,
they have no time
to look at a flower.
I want them to see it
whether they want to or not.

— Georgia O’Keeffe

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