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Rock Hibiscus On Hope Camp Trail   2 comments

Rock Hibiscus on Hope Camp Trail — Image by kenne

A Rock Hibiscus

Almost abandoned by spring

Lonely on the trail.

— kenne


I Look Beyond Flowers   1 comment

Desert Rosemallow — Image by kenne

As I looked beyond

the flowers in the canyon

curvature of the

desert basin begins,

rolling across dried river beds 

to the west where

the sun sets each day

beyond the Tucson Mountains

starting a new day 

somewhere in the east.

— kenne

Gymnosperma glutinosum (Gumhead)   Leave a comment

Gymnosperma glutinosum (Gumhead), Tanque Verde Wash) — Image by kenne

Posted December 5, 2020 by kenneturner in Information, Photography, Tucson Arizona, Wildflower

Apache Plume Blossom On The Green Mountain Trail   1 comment

Green Mountain Trail-3286 blogApache Plume Blossom On The Green Mountain Trail — Image by kenne

It’s been a very dry autumn in the Santa Catalina Mountains, and there are not a lot of wildflowers still in bloom, so I was pleased to see some Apache plume blooming near the Green Mountain trailhead October 20th. 

— kenne

Wildflower Art — Lighting Up Each Day   Leave a comment

Sneezeweed Art (1 of 1)-3 blogWildflower Art — Image by kenne

Hardship In Houston

Brighten by a wildflower

Lighting up each day.

— kenne

A Cold Mountain Poem   1 comment

Cold Mountain 0862 blog IIDesert Chicory on Mt. Lemmon — Image by kenne

One of my favorite books of poetry is Riprap and the Cold Mountain Poems, by Gary Snyder. 

The book includes Snyder’s translations of Han-shan’s Cold Mountain Poems. Han-shan was both a man and a mountain, a mountain madman in an old line of ragged hermits. He lived at a place called Cold Mountain, a poor poet having a crazy character. He wrote poems that were rough and fresh, and when he wrote about Cold Mountain, he means himself, his home, his state of mind.

— kenne

Gary Snyder reading “I settled at Cold Mountain long ago . . .”


Open Seedpod Art   1 comment

Pima Canyon 01-27-17Open Seedpod, Dried Fruit of the Pelotazo Wildflower — Computer Art by kenne

Not a flower

but the fruit

of a flower. 

It’s beauty

may cause

one to think 

it must be

a flower,

but beauty 

is not only

of the young,

as the great

philosophers know,

beauty can be found

throughout life.

“. . . now I know 

the things I know

and do

the things

I do, 

and if you

do not like me so,

to hell, my love,

with you.” *

— kenne

*(Dorothy Parker, The Complete Poems of Dorothy Parker)

A Morning Delight Above The Sabino Dam   1 comment

hookers-evening-primrose-0159-3-art-blogHooker’s Evening Primrose (December 12, 2016) — Image by kenne

It has been warmer than average for this time of year.
Except for a few small pools of water, Sabino Creek is dry.
Yet, above the  Sabino Dam, a bee and I found this lone
Hooker’s Evening Primrose — a very pleasant surprise.

— kenne

Computer Painting and Taleb’s “No-Nos”   Leave a comment

SCVN Nature Walk 08-08-12Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly — Computer Painting by kenne


Muscles without strength,
friendship without trust,
opinion without risk,
change without aesthetics,
age without values,
food without nourishment,
power without fairness,
facts without rigor,
degrees without erudition,
militarism without fortitude,
progress without civilization,
complication without depth,
fluency without content,
and, most of all, religion without tolerance.

— Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Fulfilling the Mission   4 comments

Bee on Yellow Flower (1 of 1) art blog
“Fulfilling the Mission” — Computer Art by kenne

“Conservationists who want to cosset nature like a delicate flower,
to protect it from the threat of alien species, are the ethnic cleansers of nature,
neutralizing the forces that they should be promoting.”

— Fred Pearce, The New Wild: Why Invasive Species Will Be Nature’s Salvation

Addicted   2 comments

Columbine (1 of 1)-2 blogColumbine Wildflower on Mt. Lemmon (July 8, 2016) — Image by kenne

“I’m addicted to the entire planet.
I don’t want to leave it.
I want to get down into it.
I want to say hello.
On the beach, I could have stopped all day long
and looked at those damned shells,
looked for all the messages
that come not in bottles but in shells…”

— John McPhee

Mt. Lemmon Columbine   6 comments

Sunset #90                      Marshall Gulch #3Columbine Wild Flower On Mt. Lemmon — Computer Art by kenne

Flowers are to love

Look closely and you will smile —

Positive power.

— kenne


Crying Purple Tears   2 comments

Friday with Friends & Molino Basin to Prison Camp“Clear for Landing” — Image by kenne

Lured by her color,

the bee prepares for landing

crying purple tears.

— kenne

Mariposa Lily, Spring 2016   Leave a comment

Sycamore Reservoir

Mariposa Lily — Image by kenne

Bloom bloom, in desert lily
Thirst, sand, mirages silly,
White petals, fairy’s wings
Hope and love, thy petulant twigs!

— Sadiqullah Khan

Capturing The Moment — Lindley’s Silverpuff   Leave a comment

Lindley's Silverpuffs (1 of 1) art blogMicroseris lindleyi – Lindley’s Silverpuff — Image by kenne

I’m a beautiful

yellow wildflower,

short lived

before becoming a

shiny silvery white,

spherical seed head —

waiting to be

blown away.

— kenne

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