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Rock Hibiscus On Hope Camp Trail   2 comments

Rock Hibiscus on Hope Camp Trail — Image by kenne

A Rock Hibiscus

Almost abandoned by spring

Lonely on the trail.

— kenne


In The Shadow Of The Ghost Of Don Quixote   2 comments

Image by kenne

There stands the remains 

of a hopeless battle

watched over by 

the ghost of Don Quixote.

Although the ghost whispers 

are never heard,

try as I may to distinguish 

between fantasy and reality,

every windmill stands in the shadow 

of the ghost of Don Quixote

giving this tool of man a human spirit

leaving us to decide 

which is the ideal vision –

the practical but mundane 

image of a windmill,

or that of the romantic dreamer 

of the impossible dream –

in the end, we all see only 

what we wish to see.

— kenne

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Hiking Hope Camp Trail   5 comments

Images by kenne

Monday Morning Hikers spent about three hours on Hope Camp Trail 

at the eastern base of the Rincon Mountains. This trail is an easy to moderate hike. 

Since this hike was my first in the eastern foothills of the Rincon’s, 

I was interested in doing it once — not a bad walk if you are new to hiking in the Tucson area.

I decided to do these photos in black & white since high clouds blocked the typical “Tucson blue” sky.

Yes, not every day is just “another beautiful day” in Tucson.

— kenne

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