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Oleander Tree On The Patio   7 comments

Oleander (1 of 1)-2 blog

Oleander (1 of 1)-4 blog

Oleander (1 of 1)-6 blogOleander Tree On The Patio — Image by kenne

Late Afternoon Sun and Clouds   2 comments

Sunset Clouds (1 of 1) blogLate Afternoon Sun and Clouds — Image by kenne

Grilling on the patio,
cloud shadows
move across the land
as the sun pushes back.

Horizon becoming a backdrop 
for tools of the eye
camera never far away
capturing the moment.

— kenne

A Morning Visitor Checks Out My Lemons   3 comments

A two-tailed swallowtail butterfly seemed to be intrigued with my lemon tree long enough for me to get my camera (September 26, 2014)
— In flight images by kenne (f/5.3, S 1/2000, ISO 1100-1600)


Capturing The Moment — Cooper’s Hawk In The Olive Tree   5 comments

Copper's Hawk-8836-2 blogCooper’s Hawk — Image by kenne

It is not unusual to see cooper’s hawks here in the Sonoran Desert, even in my neighborhood. The Tucson area has one of the most dense populations to be found anywhere. Usually nesting in riparian areas, they are not always that easy to photograph. Because of their amazing flying ability, I usually see them flying low to the ground, through and between trees. The water fountain under the olive tree on our patio sometimes attracts a Copper’s hawk, not because of the water, but because of the smaller birds attracted to the water — they are a deadly bird-predator. This time I happen to have my camera near the patio door, making this image possible.


Cooper’s Hawk (with apologies to Wordsworth)
by Michael Konik

Regal, as if touched by royalty, you light upon the wire,
Surveying the buffet of opportunity below, where we
Who cannot soar, cannot glide, forlornly aspire
To shed our earthly shackles and be free. 

You cannot be called a kind and caring raptor,
A patient pedant, with heart o’erflowing with generosity.
Your icy mission is starkly clear: to be a heartless captor
That kills and disembowels without pause for ruminant philosophy.

Yet we who walk upon the land, prisoners of gravity
Observe your single-mindedness with grudging admiration.
We see not a murderer swimming in a sea of depravity
But a champion inspiring our solemn approbation.

Capturing The Moment — Schefflera Bonsai   6 comments

schefflera plant-7913 art blogSchefflera Bonsai Painting — Image by kenne

Schefflera bonsai
Surviving the desert heat
In a small planter.

A full-sized brassaia
In shade with water.

  — kenne

(This bonsai started life in the sub-tropic climate of the gulf coast many years ago. We moved it with us to Tucson where it loss its leaves, but has come back strong. I will be trimming it back and repotting this winter — life goes on in the desert for this indestructible bonsai.)

A Patio Friend — Well, Maybe   6 comments

Our patio is enclosed by a wall with several opening along the ground-line for drainage. To keep the critters out, the openings are covered with a wire mesh. round-tailed ground squirrelBecause the patio is enclosed, it’s great for our cat, Kika, especially since she is not a “jumper.” She loves being outside with us, but each time on the patio, she walks the parameter obviously picking up a scent. Sometimes she spends time staring at one of the drainage holes. We knew we were sharing our patio with some kind of critter. Occasionally, I would see something moving quickly out of the side of my eye. Since pack rats are common in the desert, I figured we were being visited by a pack rat.

round-tailed ground squirrelThen one day I saw the rear of something going into the corner hole and disappearing. Since the wire mesh blocked exit from the hole, I figured it went up inside the concrete block wall. So, I placed bricks in front of the hole and removed the wire mesh so the critter could exit the patio only. The next day I noticed that something had dug under the bricks. I also noticed similar diggings around the sago palm planter.

round-tailed ground squirrelI continued to think the critter living on the patio was a pack rat, that is until yesterday when we saw something moving under the patio table. Taking a closer look, I could see the animal was a round-tail ground squirrel.

round-tailed ground squirrelWhile getting my camera, the squirrel scampered over to one of the wall holes. When I got too close, the squirrel would go up into the wall, so I backed off and waited.

round-tailed ground squirrelAfter awhile the squirrel reappear from inside the block wall, surveying the area. I could tell she was trying to get to was a more comfortable place.

round-tailed ground squirrelShe moved under one of the patio planters, looked around and began running to the corner wall hole.

round-tailed ground squirrelWhere was Kika? In the house sleeping. — Images by kenne

Capturing The Moment — Roadrunner Interested In Having A Conversation   7 comments

Road Runner Collage blogGreater Roadrunner On The Patio — Images by kenne

I was sitting on the patio when this guy jumped up on the wall, about eight feet from me and started making talking noise, so I began making a similar noise back. He was looking at the water fountain to his left and the olive tree to his right, which is the home of tree lizards. These attractions seemed to neutralize my present. Even so, he continued to talk — maybe he was fussing!

I think he was telling me to leave, while I was wishing I had my camera. Assuming he would not be there if I went for the camera, I still took a chance and went inside.

To my surprise, he was still there when I returned — even more surprised as I moved in closer than I had been when he first appeared. The conversation continued as I clicked away.

One of the characteristics of these birds is that of having a mind of their own — sometimes their behavior is very unpredictable, making them fun to watch and even more so if they carry-on a conversation.

In a few minutes he ran on without a lizard or getting water.


Road Runner 07-14-13

Capturing The Moment — Patio Umbrella On The Roof   3 comments

Pool Rocks

Pool RocksStrong Gusty Winds Lifted The Patio Umbrella From Its Stand And Onto The Roof. — Images by kenne

Our patio umbrella offers more than shade, it can fly — it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a patio umbrella!


Capturing The Moment — Red Geraniums On The Patio   4 comments

Misc 01-27-13

Misc 01-27-13Images by kenne


One Thirsty Bird!   Leave a comment

Roadrunner On Patio Wall In Tucson– Image by kenne

Running water sounds

A call to all living things

Happy hour on the patio.


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Capturing the Moment — Spring Flowers On The Patio   Leave a comment

Image by kenne

Thou that hast giv’n so much to me,

Give the thing more, a gratefull heart;

See how Thy beggar works in Thee

By art:

He makes thy gifts occasion more

And says, if he in this be crost,

All Thou hast given him heretofore

Is lost.

— George Herbert

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Capturing the Moment — Patio Images   4 comments

Patio Sunset — image by kenne (Photo Set)

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