Mourning Dove In Nest   3 comments

Mourning Dove Image by kenne

Mourning Doves are primarily a bird of open country, scattered trees, and woodland edges, but large numbers roost in woodlots during winter. They feed on the ground in grasslands, agricultural fields, backyards, and roadsides.

They typically nest amid dense foliage on the branch of an evergreen, orchard tree, mesquite, cottonwood, or vine.  Unbothered by nesting around humans, Mourning Doves may even nest on gutters, eaves, light fixtures or abandoned equipment.

The male will bring nesting material to the female. She generally builds a very flimsy nest with no insulation. This one is atop a light fixture right outside our door.

— kenne

3 responses to “Mourning Dove In Nest

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  1. Earlier this spring we had a pair of mourning doves build their nest in a hanging flower pot I’d not yet filled. Unfortunately, the two moved on after a week or two. There was a wren also nesting at the same time nearby on the porch and I wonder if the doves felt crowded? I hope your visitor stays a while!

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  2. Awesome! 🙂
    We had these nesting a lot on the window sills at the school for the handicapped where i used to work. The students loved to watch them!

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  3. Nice nest.


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