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A Partial Rainbow Over The Catalina Foothills   Leave a comment

A Partial Rainbow Over The Catalinas — Image by kenne

Yesterday we were having a Sonoran hotdog and Copperhead Pale Ale on the porch of the Barrio Brewing Company
when a partial Rainbow began to form beyond the old warehouses in the warehouse district of Tucson. 

About an hour later, a second rainbow was trying to form after arriving home.


Moment by moment

The rainbows begins to form

Over the foothills.

— kenne

Rainbow Painting — House of Sky   1 comment

Rainbow Painting (House of Sky) by kenne

The future is waiting
like a short-lived rainbow
poised on the tongue
of the artist and poet
such is the house of sky.

— kenne

A New Year’s Eve Rainbow   Leave a comment

Yesterday’s Rainbow (December 31, 2021) — Image by kenne

What this rainbow didn’t have in color, it made up for it in brightness.

Daughter And Dad On A Rainbow Day   1 comment

Outer Banks 2013“Daughter And Dad On A Rainbow Day” (Hannah & Jason Morris — Outer Backs 06/07/13) — Image by kenne


Morning Walk Rainbow   5 comments

Tanuri Ridge Rainbow-07-21-20-72Tanuri Ridge Rainbow (07/21/20) — Image by kenne


Morning Rainbow In The Desert   Leave a comment

rainbow-1-of-1-blogMorning Rainbow In The Desert (Tucson, Arizona, September 29, 2016) — Image by kenne

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Rainbow Over Tanuri Ridge   Leave a comment

Rainbow (1 of 1) blogRainbow Over Tanuri Ridge (September 1, 2016) — Image by kenne

A sunset rainbow

As rain moves off the mountain —

No pot of gold found.

— kenne


Sonoran Storms   Leave a comment

Rainbow (1 of 1) blogSonoran Storms (June 26, 2015) — Image by kenne

The rains are “hit and miss,”

mostly miss in the valley.

The monsoon arrived

early this summer

and as usual

the higher elevations

have received most of the rain

leaving only rainbows

in the late afternoon sky.

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — Rainbow At Sunset   1 comment

Rainbow (1 of 1) blogThe Sun Has Gone Down, Leaving Behind A Little Rainbow (August 14, 2014) — Image by kenne

The thing to do, it seems to me,

is to prepare yourself

so you can be a rainbow

in somebody else’s cloud.

Somebody who may not look like you.

May not call God

the same name you call God –

if they call God at all.

I may not dance your dances

or speak your language.

But be a blessing to somebody.

That’s what I think.

–Maya Angelou

Capturing The Moment — After The Desert Rain   2 comments

Rainbow-0772 blog

Rainbow-0768 blog

Rainbow-0767 blog

Rainbow-0764 blogAfter The Desert Rain Photo Essay by kenne

Sixty days, no rain —
Now the desert is refreshed,
Colors express thanks.

It’s been a long time,
An openess of the heart
To get what we see.

Smell the creosote
The morning after a rain,
Now I’m at my peak,

— kenne

A Break In The Rain   1 comment

A Break In The Rain: Catalina Foothills (December 13, 2011) — Image by kenne

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Capturing The Moment — Another Angle On The Recent Rainbow   Leave a comment

Rainbow Taken From Our Courtyard in Tanuri Ridge. — Image by kenne



Capturing The Moment — Rainbow Over Tanuri Ridge   2 comments

Rainbow Over Tanuri Ridge — Image by kenne

Yesterday, while taking some sunset photos with storms in the area, I turned around to the east and saw this beautiful rainbow — almost missed it, since less than a minute later it was gone. Because of the late afternoon sun and storms in the foothills, dramatic colors filled the sky providing a beautiful backdrop for one of nature’s most impressive moments. The moment was captured for sharing, but the real experience was “living the moment.” 




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Capturing the Moment — A Dry Rainbow   1 comment



This is what a rainbow looks like when it’s raining, but none is hitting the ground, a Dry Rainbow — image by kenne


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Joy In the Circle, Entry from May 20, 2007   1 comment

1581In the Circle of the Rainbow

They say
a pot of gold

can be found
at the end
of the rainbow.

I say
I found Joy

in the circle
of the rainbow.

— kenne

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