A Young Visitor On Our Patio   9 comments

Cooper's Hawk-0-72A Visitor On The Patio (Immature Cooper’s Hawk) — Images by kenne

This immature Cooper’s Hawk perched on one of our patio chairs not far from the bird feeder frequented by doves for about one minute this morning. A mature hawk would have been up in the olive tree near the feeder. Even then, that doesn’t work as well as swooping from over the rooftop. They will learn. These images were taken through the patio door, which given the time of day the doors become a mirror.

— kenne



9 responses to “A Young Visitor On Our Patio

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  1. So awesome Kenne!

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  2. Wish I could/would have been there to watch it!

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  3. Wow!!! 👏

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  4. Awesome. I had a Coopers Hawk visit as well, but he wasn’t as young.

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  5. When hawks have been on the patio before, it was to get water at the fountain. There have been more birds in general because of our days being around 100 degrees.


  6. Just beautiful.

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  7. Well done! Even with morning mirrored doorwall it is hard to not spook an alert bird. Do you put your camera around your neck the moment you wake up 🙂

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  8. Truly awesome! 🙂


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