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Sonoran Desert Mushrooms   1 comment

Sonoran Desert Mushrooms — Images by kenne

Podaxis is a genus of secotioid fungi in the family Agaricaceae. Species, which have the appearance of a “stalked-puffball”,
have a worldwide distribution, and tend to be found growing solitary or scattered on sandy soils,
especially in arid regions. Although close to 50 species have been described, it has been argued that many
of them may represent extremes in the natural range of variations found in Podaxis pistillaris. —

Mexican Bird Of Paradise   1 comment

Mexican Bird of Paradise (Caesalpinia pulcherrima) — Image by kenne

Caesalpinia pulcherrima is a species of flowering plant in the pea family Fabaceae, native to the tropics and subtropics of the Americas.
It could be native to the West Indies, but its exact origin is unknown due to widespread cultivation. Common names for this species include poinciana, peacock flower, red bird of paradise, Mexican bird of paradise, dwarf poinciana, pride of Barbados, flos pavonis,
and flamboyant-de-jardin
. — Source: Wikipedia

Hackberry Emperor Butterfly   3 comments

Hackberry Emperor-72Hackberry Emperor Butterfly — Image by kenne

Asterocampa celtis, the hackberry emperor, is a North American butterfly that belongs to the brushfooted butterfly family, Nymphalidae. It gets its name from the hackberry tree (Celtis occidentalis and others in the genus Celtis) upon which it lays its eggs. The hackberry tree is the only host plant for A. celtis and is the food source for larvae.

The hackberry emperor is known for being a quick, mercurial butterfly. It often is found along water sources and lowlands, although it lives in a broad range of habitats. Another notable characteristic is that it rarely is spotted visiting a flower, which is considered unusual for a butterfly. — Wikipedia

Keep’n The Blues Alive   Leave a comment

Image by kenne

The Blues is all about life’s joys and heartaches. Even though The Blues has its own genre, many in fact. But, to categorise The Blues is to defy its basic meaning, that of expressing the struggle to be reborn, to save one’s soul — “the optative mood.” Such can be said of most music genres, so I will leave the music genre definitions to Wikipedia.

However, in today’s world of “downsizing,” The Recording Academy has reduced, some would say “gutted” the Grammy Award categories from 109 to 78. Since the number is somewhat arbitrary to begin with, some might say, “big deal!” It is a big deal among those of us interested in keeping The Blues alive. For years, only two awards for excellence in the blues were offered — “Best Traditional Blues Album” and “Best Contemporary Blues Album“. But, beginning in 2012 there will only be one award, for “Best Blues Album.” Of course, The Blues is not alone, much of Americana music genres in general has been cut to one or eliminated. This is all being done to help keep the “out of date” big recording companies, in the traditional recording industry, alive. What we need to do is work at keeping the people’s music alive, not the recording industry’s music. “POWER TO THE PEOPLE!”


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