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Keep’n The Blues Alive   Leave a comment

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The Blues is all about life’s joys and heartaches. Even though The Blues has its own genre, many in fact. But, to categorise The Blues is to defy its basic meaning, that of expressing the struggle to be reborn, to save one’s soul — “the optative mood.” Such can be said of most music genres, so I will leave the music genre definitions to Wikipedia.

However, in today’s world of “downsizing,” The Recording Academy has reduced, some would say “gutted” the Grammy Award categories from 109 to 78. Since the number is somewhat arbitrary to begin with, some might say, “big deal!” It is a big deal among those of us interested in keeping The Blues alive. For years, only two awards for excellence in the blues were offered — “Best Traditional Blues Album” and “Best Contemporary Blues Album“. But, beginning in 2012 there will only be one award, for “Best Blues Album.” Of course, The Blues is not alone, much of Americana music genres in general has been cut to one or eliminated. This is all being done to help keep the “out of date” big recording companies, in the traditional recording industry, alive. What we need to do is work at keeping the people’s music alive, not the recording industry’s music. “POWER TO THE PEOPLE!”


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