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BoliviaTuichi River In The Amazon — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Downriver, the jungle fog slowly lifts
Water still murky from heavy rains
Two days earlier in the upriver hills
Making jungle roads almost impassible
To our reaching an indigenous community.

After a meal prepared by Padro’s family
Under a thatch-covered shelter, we
Walked through a field of cattle
Watching suspiciously at a distance
A quick turn of the head, glancing back.

Arriving at the river shoreline before
Completion of the bamboo rafts
We watched our indigenous crew
Finish preparing our transportation
On what would be my Amazon mistress.

— kenne



Balsa Wood Rafting On The Tuichi River   1 comment

BoliviaBalsa Wood Rafting On the Tuichi River, Madidi National Forest — Images and Video by kenne


There’s A Story We Must Tell . . .   Leave a comment

BoliviaTy Instructing Matt How To Flyfish — Image by kenne

There’s a story we must tell . . .
Tom’s fly fishing rods travel with us
Everywhere we went in Bolivia.

The rods are not cheap, so we
made sure one of us always had
them with the carry-on luggage.

As fate would have it,
our river location was not
the best place for fly fishing.

Even so, why travel all this way
and not at least do some casting
over the Tuichi river waters?

Tom readied the rods and reels
for Matt to get some practice
with Ty being his instructor.

As the sun went down where
the Tuichi and Beni rivers merge
they cast over the joining waters.

The moral of the story is:
Never travel with fly fishing rods
without creating a memorial moment.

— kenne

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Day Four Sunset   Leave a comment

River Sunset 8-22-19-3-72.jpgSunset Over the Tuichi and Beni Rivers (Madidi National Park)  — Photo-Artistry by kenne

The sun sets as our tents are sat up and our last dinner on the river is being prepared.
This is also where we will leave the balsa wood rafts.
The remainder of our time on the river will be on the supply boat.

— kenne


Nearing The End Of Our River Journey   Leave a comment

Last Camp Site On The Tuichi River-2-72.jpg


Last Camp Site On The Tuichi River-72.jpgCamp Site On The Tuichi River, Madidi National Park: Last Night — Images by kenne

End of The Journey

In life, some journeys are long
before the destination is reached.
Some may even take a lifetime
with breaks along the way
when we hit rocky ground,
but the end of the journey
is always profound.

— David Harris


Macaw Nesting Site In Madidi National Park   Leave a comment

Macow-13-72.jpgMacaw Nesting Site — Images by kenne

Madidi National Park itself contains 11% of the world’s bird species and has been recognized as one of the most diverse places on earth. Most macaw pairs breed once a year, and the female lays her eggs in a nest inside a tree hollow or in a dirt hollow on a cliff face.

MaCaw Nesting Site.jpgPedro leading the way to the Macaw nesting site.

The macaw nesting site is near the junction of the Beni and Tuichi Rivers. From the riverbank, a short trail leads to a viewing platform.  Here one can watch these impressive Red-and-green and Chestnut-fronted macaws fly, call and interact from the platform.

MaCaw Nesting Site-4.jpgThe Macaw Cliff Nesting Site — Chick Here To See More Macaw Images by kenne



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Tucihi Day 3-17-2-72.jpgGuess Who’s Getting Splashed??

BoliviaTy Markey and Pedro Macuapa Balsa Wood Rafting In Madidi National Park — Images by kenne

By day three on the Tuichi River the water was less red and lower causing more rapids to appear going down river.
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Great Black Hawk — Madidi National Park   3 comments

Great Black Hawk-72.jpgGreat Black Hawk (Madidi National Park) — Image by kenne

Rafting on the Tuichi River in the Madidi National Park is not the best way to
photograph birds high in the jungle trees, but sometimes I was able to capture one.
When I first saw this guy at a distance, I thought he was a vulture. However,
zooming in it was clear the bird was a hawk, a great black hawk.

— kenne

Day 2 — Fishing The Tuichi River In Madidi National Park   Leave a comment

BoliviaAfter a couple of hours on the river, we beached the rafts to do some fishing using the Tacana fishing method.

Day 2 Fishing Time-2-72.jpgThis looks like a nice place to go ashore.

BoliviaThe fishing line is on a board that is unwound, then tossed out into the water. The bait are small fish.
The Tacana do not bother with poles.

BoliviaTom and Matt have their lines in the water.

BoliviaSo far, no one is having any luck catching fish.

Pedro demonstrated the indigenous technique of fishing.

BoliviaMatt did have some success on our Day 3.

Fishing Day 2-2-72.jpgGood job Matt! — Images by kenne



A Madidi Black Bird   4 comments

BoliviaA Madidi Black Bird — Image by kenne

I tried unsuccessful to identify this bird I photographed in the trees near the Tuichi River in the Madidi National Park.
A very attractive bird about the size of a crow.

— kenne


River Of Memories   Leave a comment

River of Memories-Art-72.jpgRiver of Memories — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Rough and red — the River,
Sometimes bleak and alone,
Not even another lone raft.
Long pole in hand touching bottom
Following the current over rocks
Steering clear of big boulders
Followed by silent moments — 
Spirits enlighten of itself.

— kenne

Tuichi River Day 2, The Fog Begins To Lift   5 comments

Tuichi River Day 2-17-72.jpgWith the fog lifting, you can feel the jungle moving away.

BoliviaNow it’s Matt’s turn to take over the lead as Ty enjoys the competition.

Tuichi River Day 2-20-72.jpgIt’s all fun and games

Tuichi River Day 2-21-72.jpgas Pedro’s uncle steers clear through the rough areas.

Tuichi River Day 2-23-72.jpgI keep the camera above my shoulders to capture a picture through the rapids.

BoliviaHere comes the sun!

Tuichi River Day 2-2772.jpgWhat a fantastic morning for riding the river waters.

BoliviaMatt paddles 

Boliviaas Pedro’s uncle steers.

BoliviaA flock of parakeets are singing in the trees

Boliviaas three macaws make their own loud, screeching and squawking noise flying by.
— Images by kenne




Tuichi River, Day 2 — Somewhere Around The Bend   1 comment

BoliviaA morning where the spirits of Madidi are all around.

BoliviaShadows abound as the sun tries mightily to open up the sky.

Tuichi River Day 2-5-72.jpgThe Berraco del Madidi boat is readied for another day
leading the way to the Berraco del Madidi EcoCamp for the night.

Tuichi River Day 2-7-72.jpgBreakfast before before paddling the rafts down the river.

Tuichi River Day 2-8-72.jpgPedro already has the raft with Ty and me away from the bank
as I capture another image of our overnight campsite on the Tuichi.

Tuichi River Day 2-10-72.jpgThese are moments in life where the self is truly in touch with nature as you listen close
— the sound gets better as eyes are watching.

Tuichi River Day 2-11-72.jpgMoment to moment the shadows on the river surface get darker as the rising sun 

Boliviablurs in a swirling fog.

BoliviaIf your heart is like mine

Tuichi River Day 2-15-72.jpgyou are here with me.

BoliviaThere’s not wind to help the sun in the morning battle,
so Matt and Ty decide to have their own battle rafting down the river.

Driving To A Tacana Community   1 comment

BoliviaWe stopped to check-in with the Ranger, but no one was there.

BoliviaWe were now officially entering Madidi National Park.

BoliviaDuring the dry season is when road maintenance take place,
however the overnight rains made the road very muddy and slippery.


BoliviaAfter awhile we came upon some of the road crew whose truck had almost slip off the road.


On The Road In Madidi-15-2-72.jpgAfter removing the truck, we were able to continue on.

BoliviaHowever, the road conditions were getting worse as we continued on to the Tacana community.

On The Road In Madidi-18-72.jpgThere were places where we got out and walked through the mud
as our driver skillfully navigated the deep muddy ruts.


BoliviaEven though this is the dry season, the overnight rains gave us a taste
of that it might be like during the rainy season.

On The Road In Madidi-21-72.jpgThe Tacana are use to even worse conditions during the rainy season,
so it was not surprising to meet this man driving his motorcycle through all the muddy conditions.


On The Road In Madidi National Park   Leave a comment

BoliviaAfter staying overnight in Rurrenabaque, we met our guide,
Pedro to set out on the first leg of our Madidi National Park adventure.

BoliviaThere had been heavy rain in the park north of Rurrenabaque,
which became more apparent as we neared a small community
where we stopped for Pedro to contact Tacana friends
who would be part of our trip on the Tuichi River.


BoliviaWhile we waited, Tom bought some coca leaves.


BoliviaWe stood around waiting for the drive to an indigenous community
where we would have lunch before going to the launch site on the Tuichi River.

BoliviaImages by kenne



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