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Day 2 — Fishing The Tuichi River In Madidi National Park   Leave a comment

BoliviaAfter a couple of hours on the river, we beached the rafts to do some fishing using the Tacana fishing method.

Day 2 Fishing Time-2-72.jpgThis looks like a nice place to go ashore.

BoliviaThe fishing line is on a board that is unwound, then tossed out into the water. The bait are small fish.
The Tacana do not bother with poles.

BoliviaTom and Matt have their lines in the water.

BoliviaSo far, no one is having any luck catching fish.

Pedro demonstrated the indigenous technique of fishing.

BoliviaMatt did have some success on our Day 3.

Fishing Day 2-2-72.jpgGood job Matt! — Images by kenne



Lunch At One of The Tacana Communities   1 comment

BoliviaTom, Matt and Ty waiting for lunch to be served in the community meeting room. That’s my Amazon hat where I would be.

BoliviaTom, Matt, Ty and Pedro with my hat. The food was delicious,
I know because I was the one doing the eating, not my hat.

BoliviaThis is Pedro’s community. 


BoliviaTom at the entrance to the community meeting room.

BoliviaAfter lunch, we hiked through the jungle and a nearby pasture
where we would meet our supply boat and ready the balsa wood rafts
for the next phase of our Madidi adventure.
— Images by kenne



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