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Naturalists & RainbowsNaturalist — Image by kenne


She cares about the environment
She questions the conditions
She seeks knowledge
She answers the questions
She is a problem solver
She accepts the facts
She shares her world
She sees limitless horizons
She lives in the moment
She is a naturalist.

— kenne



Standing At The Altar Of Nature   Leave a comment

SCVN Day 1Naturalist David Lazaroff and several other naturalists with the 2011 SCVN Training Class, Day 1 — Image by kenne

I was a member of the 2011 Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists (SCVN) class. During the fall training I wrote the following poem, posting it on this blog:


When we stand
at the altar of nature,
we stand with the greats;
Ralph Waldo Emerson,
Henry David Thoreau,
and John Muir,
each having helped define
our relationship
with nature and language –
“every natural fact is a symbol
of some spiritual fact,
. . . words are signs of natural facts.”

Nature’s beauty becomes
a source of spiritual energy
connecting all things
into a universal whole
with the energy of our
thoughts and will.

We stand at nature’s altar
not separate from her,
seeing her in the flowers,
insects, animals, mountains,
creating a unified landscape
of our inward and outward senses.

Like all relationships,
the experience depends
on the degree of harmony
between us and nature,
therefore becoming a gift
granted while walking with nature
as she is embraced in our minds –
Enlighten, she shares her secrets,
making the universe more “transparent.”
Yet the gift may only offer a glimpse,
to be shared in images and words,
charming all living things.

Commenting on my poem, SCVN member, Walt Tornow, wrote that my poem  ”. . . captures beautifully my feelings about being in the mountains.” He went on to share the following:


Finding God in the wilderness …

  • The majesty of our mountains, the magnificence of views/ vistas they afford, and the splendor and munificence of the many gifts that nature has to offer
  • The awe and humility that comes from being witness to the grandeur of it all, juxtaposed with realizing the relative smallness and fleetingness of  our existence
  • Never feeling or being alone … lots of company by nature’s creatures, and taking in the beauty of nature’s show
  • Feeling vulnerable, yet trusting, being in the wilderness — potential prey to wildlife, and exposed to the elements
  • Experiencing awe, joy and inspiration by being here
  • Feeling connected … becoming one with myself, with nature, and the universe
  • Finding peace, serenity, and sense of holiness … my place of worship and meditation


Here for the grace of God am I …

Grateful to be, to be here, and be given the opportunity and capacity to enjoy the many gifts/ blessings around me.

– Walt Tornow

If you feel our passion for nature, we want to share it with you by inviting you to become a Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalist.

We are currently recruiting people who share our passion for nature
to take part in our 2017 SCVN Training Class from the beginning of October to January.

After completing the training you will start next January teaching kindergarten and/or elementary students approximately 1 morning per week. All training curriculum materials provide for an excellent learning experience, along with many guest nature experts.

Additionally, you can take part in adult Public Interpretations nature programs about Sabino Canyon.

You can learn more about this wonderful volunteer nature program and get an application by visiting our website

Please pass on this information on to persons you will be interested in becoming an SCVN member. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have —


Strike It RichNaturalist, Gwen Swanson, demonstrates “panning” to students in the “Strike It Rich” program.
This creekside activity allows children to learn about the difference between rocks and minerals
by panning for garnets in the sand along Sabino Creek, and the importance of water in forming the canyon.
Image by kenne

SCVN Nature Walk #1SCVN Training nature walk with naturalist, Bill Kaufman (Fall 2011) — Image by kenne

4-H Photography Students Tour Sabino Canyon   Leave a comment

4-H photography students in Sabino Canyon — Images by kenne (Click on any of the tile photos to see a slideshow.)

Three Sabino Canyon Volunteer Nationalist (SCVN), Marty Horowitz, Jeffrey Banfield and myself spent a Friday afternoon with 4-H students interested in a photography nature walk in Sabino Canyon. Our objective was to provide knowledge information on nature and basic photography skills. The students hope to have a photo exhibit at the Pima County Fair. Some of the student’s families were also on the Sabino Canyon tour.


Capturing The Moment — “Duck!”   Leave a comment

Duck-1697-3 blog“Duck!” — Naturalist/Photographer, Jeffery Banfield Captures an Embarrassing Moment for Naturalist/Photographer Marty Horowitz at the Sabino Canyon Dam

Most things in life
are moments of pleasure
and a lifetime of embarrassment;
photography is a
moment of embarrassment
and a lifetime of pleasure.

— Tony Benn

Becoming More Keenly Alive To Everything Through Nature   Leave a comment

SCVN Mentor Project-0003 blogSabino Canyon Volunteer Nationalists training 8th grade students to become youth naturalists after a nature walk in the canyon.
— Image by kenne

“The end and aim of all good education is to make man more
alive to everything, or in other words to make
everything more keenly alive to him, to make ‘sermons in stone,
and symphonies in running brooks’ an everyday possibility.”

— Frank Lloyd Wright

Capturing The Moment — Saguaro Ribs   3 comments

Saguaro Ribs_20111117_0457 blogDusty Talks To Kindergarten Students About Saguaro Ribs — Image by kenne

Good show, Dusty!

Unhappy Trails In Sabino Canyon   11 comments

Fellow naturalist and blogger, Ann Green, posted the following this morning on her blog “Ann Green’s Blog” and per her request I’m sharing the post. In case you are wondering, this happens why too often.



No photographer wants credit for this

“I, Anne Green, hereby give notice that I have picked up the last diaper I’m ever going to pick up in Sabino Canyon.
Henceforth, if you feel you must leave some ‘thing’ that YOU BROUGHT INTO THE CANYON, leave your baby.
Please share this post.”

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