Standing At The Altar Of Nature   9 comments

Image by kenne

Standing At The Altar Of Nature

When we stand at the
altar of nature,

we stand with the greats;
Ralph Waldo Emerson,
Henry David Thoreau,
and John Muir,
each having helped define
our relationship
with nature and language —
“Every natural fact is a symbol
of some spiritual fact,
. . . words are signs of natural facts.”

Nature’s beauty becomes
a source of spiritual energy
connecting all things
into a universal whole
with the power of our
thoughts and will.

We stand at nature’s altar
not separate from her,
seeing us in the flowers,
insects, animals, mountains,
creating a unified landscape
of our inward and outward senses.

Like all relationships,
the experience depends
on the degree of harmony
between us and nature,
therefore becoming a gift
granted while walking with nature
as she is embraced in our minds –
Enlighten, she shares her secrets,
making the universe more “transparent.”
Yet, the gift may only offer a glimpse,
to be shared in images and words,
charming all living things.

— kenne

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. — John Muir


9 responses to “Standing At The Altar Of Nature

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  1. Thanks, Kenne, for sharing this. Love the image!


  2. Great picture and writing. We were truly standing on the altar of nature. Thanks, Kenne


  3. . . . the image was inspirational.


  4. Hi Kenne, Thanks for the photo. That is a great picture of the guys looking over the edge on Mt Lemmon. Where did that trail start from? You spoke about John Muir-Michael and I were in Yosemite this month. We spent four days there and this was very inspiring too. The sequoias are magnificent trees and John Muir was an inspiration for them. I didn’t know very much about these trees so we took a tram ride and found out the background about them and that fire, insects and weather can’t hurt them. This was a good trip.
    Hope you and Joy are having a good summer and that your trip in May was a success.
    See you in October-I hope.


    • . . . love Yosemite. I will be in training to be a Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalist every Monday this fall, so I will not be able to hike with the group. Joy plans on being with you guys.


  5. How inspiring both words and image, my thanks to you for sharing with us all.


  6. Thanks for the pingback, especially as it led me to your site! I like your poetry, simple but not easy. And as a city dweller, your images are refreshing. Thanks for sharing!


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  8. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    First posted August 2011 by kenne.


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