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Taliesin West   2 comments

Taliesin West, Home of The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Scottsdale, Arizona — Panorama by kenne

“No house should ever be on a hill or on anything.
It should be of the hill. Belonging to it.
Hill and house should live together with each the happier for the other.”

– Frank Lloyd Wright

Houston Skyline at Sam Houston Park   Leave a comment

Houston Skyline at Sam Houston Park — Image by kenne

“Houston is an example of what can happen when architecture catches a venereal disease.”

— Frank Lloyd Wright

Becoming More Keenly Alive To Everything Through Nature   Leave a comment

SCVN Mentor Project-0003 blogSabino Canyon Volunteer Nationalists training 8th grade students to become youth naturalists after a nature walk in the canyon.
— Image by kenne

“The end and aim of all good education is to make man more
alive to everything, or in other words to make
everything more keenly alive to him, to make ‘sermons in stone,
and symphonies in running brooks’ an everyday possibility.”

— Frank Lloyd Wright

“Go To Nature, Thou Builder Of Houses”   Leave a comment

Olives“A house, we like to believe, is in status quo a noble consort to man and the trees.” (Frank Lloyd Wright) — Image by kenne

“Nature is a good
teacher. I am a
child of hers, and
apart from her
precepts, cannot
flourish. I cannot
work as well as
she, perhaps, but
at least can 
shape my work
to sympathize
with what seems
beautiful to me
in hers.”

— Frank Lloyd Wright

A Visit To Taliesin West   1 comment

Taliesin West — Image by kenne

don’t have a “bucket list,” however, going to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona would be on the list if I did. As a child, I wanted to be an architect when I grew up, and one of my favorite architects was Frank Lloyd Wright. As a young adult and living in northern Illinois, it was easy to visit Wright’s home, Taliesin, near Green Spring, Wisconsin, which I did back in the ’60s. This past weekend, we visited Taliesin West, considered one of Wright’s greatest masterpieces, a showcase of his ability to integrate indoor and outdoor spaces.

Wright, recognized as the 20th century’s greatest architect, decided in the early 1930’s to build a winter home in the desert after suffering an illness during one of Wisconsin’s cold winters.  After purchasing 550 acres 26 miles northwest of Phoenix, and with the help of his apprentice, Wright began work on Taliesin West, “. . . gathering rocks from the desert floor and sand from the washes to build his desert masterpiece.”  From then on, he would spend winters at Taliesin West, summers at Taliesin.

Not long after building Taliesin West, which served as a living, working and educational facility, Wright became annoyed by power lines and the growth of Scottsdale near his desert masterpiece, so much so that he considered moving to Sabino Canyon, northeast of Tucson. However, his wife, Olga, was not willing to start living in a tent again, so the move never took place — too bad, since Sabino Canyon would have provided a much more beautiful setting for Taliesin West.

“Our new desert camp belonged to the Arizona desert as though it had stood there during creation.”  —  Frank Lloyd Wright


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