Unhappy Trails In Sabino Canyon   11 comments

Fellow naturalist and blogger, Ann Green, posted the following this morning on her blog “Ann Green’s Blog” and per her request I’m sharing the post. In case you are wondering, this happens why too often.



No photographer wants credit for this

“I, Anne Green, hereby give notice that I have picked up the last diaper I’m ever going to pick up in Sabino Canyon.
Henceforth, if you feel you must leave some ‘thing’ that YOU BROUGHT INTO THE CANYON, leave your baby.
Please share this post.”

11 responses to “Unhappy Trails In Sabino Canyon

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  1. I should have titled this posting, “NO SHIT!!”


  2. Oh no! Perfect size for a bird to make a nest in there…but somehow…I don’t think any self-respecting bird would make that mistake.


  3. Part of every pack is a trash receptacle…. So sorry people leaving discarded disposable diapers.


    • Because of budget cutbacks a lot of National Park have removed trash receptacles and have signage encouraging people to take their trash with them. That’s not the case in Sabino Canyon, at least not yet.


  4. People are naughty!


  5. This annoys me too!


  6. There’s no excuse for this kind of behavior.


  7. Reblogged this on Sharon's hodge-podge.


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