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Cactus Wren-72Cactus Wren Building a Nest — Image by kenne

This large wren prefers cholla cactus in which to their nest. The nest is built by both sexes is a bulky mass of weeds, grass, twigs, lined with feathers, animal hair, plant down. The nest is shaped like football lying on its side; entrance at one end, with a narrow tubular passage leading to nest chamber. While the female is incubating the eggs, the male will often build additional nests to serve as decoys.

— kenne

Cactus Wren Nest-72Cactus Wren Nest — Image by kenne


Cholla Fruit   1 comment

Cholla-Edit-2-art-72Cholla Fruit — Photo-Artistry by kenne

I like the artist standing up for himself

— believing in his own word no matter

what anyone may say about it.

— Georgia O’Keeffe

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Cactus Wren Building a Nest-Edit-4-art-blogMale Cactus Wren Building a Nest in a Cholla Cactus — Photo-Artistry by kenne


Greater Roadrunner Sitting On Nest   3 comments

Nesting Roadrunner blogGreater Roadrunner Sitting On Nest In A Cholla Cacti — Image by kenne

A capitalist society requires a culture based on images.
It needs to furnish vast amounts of entertainment in order to
stimulate buying and anesthetize the injuries of class, race, and sex.”

—  from “On Photography” by Susan Sontag

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Cactus Wren Grunge Art-0297 blogCactus Wren Grunge Art by kenne
Art tries to create
many possible futures
in each moment 
of existence
choosing reality
from our experience

-- kenne

A Home In The Canyon   Leave a comment

Ned's Nature Walk -- 01-1-09-13Cactus Wren Nest in a Cholla (Sabino Canyon) — Image by kenne

The whole theory of the universe
is directed unerringly to one individual
– namely You.

— Walt Whitman

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D500 PhotosCactus Wren Nest — Image by kenne

He builds nests for her

Several so she can pick

The one that she likes.

— kenne

Cactus Wren Building A Nest   Leave a comment

Cacuts Wren (1 of 1) blogCactus Wren Building a Nest in a Cholla Cactus (October 23, 20016) — Image by kenne

Springtime in Sabino Canyon
brings out the new while
recycling the old.

The white winged doves 
have returned awaiting
saguaro buds to bloom.

The sound of mating calls
go out, returned creating
echoes in the canyon.

The pace of life in high gear
as nature puts on a show
in the desert’s spring festival.

— kenne


Having A Grunge Art Morning   2 comments

Butterfly on Cactus (1 of 1) Grunge Art blog“Having A Grunge Art Morning” (Sunday, November 1, 2015) — Computer Art by kenne

Building A Nest In A Safe Place   Leave a comment

saguzro-cactus-january-27-2014-9646-2-blog framedBuilding a Nest in a Safe Place (Probably a Cactus Wren’s nest.) — Image by kenne

Birds Nest

Have you not seen the bird
flying far, again and again
collecting straws to weave a nest-
a home- for its young ones to be.
As eggs are hatched
out come the young
chirping or crying, to be fed,
the bird flies again, and again
collecting grains
to feed the young
who cannot fly
It chews the grain but does not swallow
beak to beak it feeds young fellow
caressingly and lovingly
so all are fed properly.
Young get wings, by and by:
and coaxed by the mother bird;
attempt to fly.
Then suddenly one day
the young one flies far away
It knows not where: and
The nest gets barren,
We humans, we do not know.

— Om Chawla

Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear (Cholla)   2 comments

Sabino Canyon Colors Dec 2013-9128_Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear blogLet Me Be Your Teddy Bear (Cholla) — Image by kenne

The Attach Of Jumping Cholla   9 comments

Milagrosa Loop-9072 blog

Milagrosa Loop-9073 blog

Milagrosa Loop-9074 blogRemoving Cholla Spines — Images by kenne

Jumping Cholla

When it happens,
You swear it just
Jumped at you.

The trail is clear,
Not a lot of brush
Or cactus nearby,

And it happens –
The attach of the
Jumping cholla.

Cholla spines
Penetrate your hand,
Disbelief succumbing to pain.

Inexperienced hikers
Ponder what to do
Hoping not to make

A bad situation worse.
Experienced hikers
Are ready with a comb.

Prepared hikers.
Like a good scout,
Also have ointment handy.

Cactus spines are
Experience builders –
“Spine me once . . .”

— kenne

Cactus Wren Nest In A Cholla Cactus   Leave a comment

Ned's Nature Walk -- 01-1-09-13

Cactus Wren Nest In A Cholla Cactus — Image by kenne

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Capturing The Moment — My Christmas Cholla   2 comments

Starpass Trail 2012

Teddy Bear Cholla In The Morning Sun — Image by kenne

Capturing The Moment — Good Friday Cholla   1 comment

Hiking To Hutch’s Pool On Good Friday — Image by kenne

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