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Chaos Of Wires and Cables   2 comments

Wires and Cables Above The Streets of La Paz, Bolivia — HDR Images by kenne

Poles on street corners
Birds nest of wires and cables
Some not connected.

— kenne

Building A Nest In A Safe Place   Leave a comment

saguzro-cactus-january-27-2014-9646-2-blog framedBuilding a Nest in a Safe Place (Probably a Cactus Wren’s nest.) — Image by kenne

Birds Nest

Have you not seen the bird
flying far, again and again
collecting straws to weave a nest-
a home- for its young ones to be.
As eggs are hatched
out come the young
chirping or crying, to be fed,
the bird flies again, and again
collecting grains
to feed the young
who cannot fly
It chews the grain but does not swallow
beak to beak it feeds young fellow
caressingly and lovingly
so all are fed properly.
Young get wings, by and by:
and coaxed by the mother bird;
attempt to fly.
Then suddenly one day
the young one flies far away
It knows not where: and
The nest gets barren,
We humans, we do not know.

— Om Chawla

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