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I See You Looking At Me   2 comments

Joy (1 of 1)-3 art blogComputer Art by kenne


I can see you looking at me
Behind those dark sunglasses
Sending a sign,” I’m ready.”

My doctor says no, not until after
A neurological consultation for
having experienced a possible TIA.


— kenne

Arizona Fleabane Wildflowers   Leave a comment

Spreading fleabane-1293 blog

Arizona fleabane-1292 blogArizona Fleabane — Images by kenne


The Ghosts of Monsoons Past   Leave a comment

Control Road to Crystal SpringGrunge Art by kenne


Human Misery

The clock that strikes five before the sun –
A dark horror grips lonely people,
In the evening-garden bleak trees swish,
The dead one’s countenance stirs at the window.
Perhaps this hour stands still.
Before dull eyes blue images flutter
To the rhythm of the ships, which rock in the river.
At the wharf a row of nuns blows by.
Pale and blind girls play in the hazel bush,
Like lovers, who embrace in sleep.
Perhaps flies sing around a carcass there,
Perhaps also a child weeps in the mother’s lap.
From hands asters sink blue and red,
The youth’s mouth slips away strange and wise;
And eyelids flutter fear-confused and quiet;
Through fevered blackness a scent of bread blows.
It seems one also hears horrible screaming;
Bones shimmer through decayed walls.
An evil heart laughs loudly in beautiful rooms;
A dog runs past a dreamer.
An empty coffin gets lost in the darkness.
A room wants to light up palely for the murderer,
Meanwhile, lanterns are smashed in the night’s storm.
Laurel adorns the noble one’s white temple.

— Georg Trakl

California Poppies   Leave a comment

Italian Springs 2013California Poppies — Grunge Art by kenne

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

— Ansel Adams

Eyes Closed Creating A Zen Moment   1 comment

Japanese Garden (1 of 1)-4_art III blog“A Zen Moment” — Computer Painting by kenne

on the scene
I close my eyes
to what was there
now captured 
in my mind’s eye
painting it with
my imagination —
taking a new course.

— kenne 

Succulents Afire — Abstract Art   1 comment

Succulents (1 of 1) art succulents a fire blog“Succulents Afire” — Abstract Art by kenne

“Obviously the facts are never just coming at you but are incorporated by an imagination that is formed by your previous experience. Memories of the past are not memories of facts but memories of your imaginings of the facts.”

— Philip Roth

Wild Cotton In Sabino Canyon   Leave a comment

Wild Cotton — Images by kenne
(Click on any of the images for slideshow view.)

Greater Roadrunner Grunge Art   Leave a comment

Greater Roadrunner (1 of 1) grunge art blog

Greater Roadrunner (1 of 1)-3-grunge art blog IIGreater Roadrunner Grunge Art — Images by kenne

“Clownlike it may appear to human eyes, but the Roadrunner is a very effective predator. Its speed on foot is not just for show: it captures not only snakes and large insects, but also fast-running lizards, rodents, and various small birds. Gambel’s Quail may pay scant attention to the Roadrunner at most seasons, but they react to it violently when they have small young, and with good reason: given an opportunity, the Roadrunner will streak in to grab a bite-sized baby quail.”

—Kenn Kaufman

Girl Atop Windy Point Vista Pinnacle Rock   1 comment

Girl Atop Windy Point Vista Pinnacle Rock (August 20, 2010) — Image by kenne

out on a mountain highway

two months after moving to

the desert southwest, with

everything new to my eyes

I didn’t have to look hard

for photo opportunities —

pictures were for the taking.

a popular stop on catalina highway

is windy point vista,

6,000 feet over the Tucson basin —

the views are gorgeous.

adding to the view

on this day was

an attractive woman atop a

rock climbing pinnacle.

hot desert summers,

I was too new to the vista,

too old to climb with her.

I never got her name —

with a body like her’s

who needs a name.

— kenne

Blue Moon Over Tucson, July 31, 2015   9 comments

Blue Moon (1 of 1)-4 blogBlue Moon Over Tucson, July 31, 2015 — Image by kenne

A Lonesome Dove   1 comment

A Lonesome Dove — Image by kenne

Each spring a pair of
white-winged doves
return to our patio area
and each year I welcome
the morning cooing calls,
sometimes on the front
courtyard wall as I leave
to go hiking or a morning run.

Later in the day,
always near sunset,
I see them at the patio fountain
for an end of day watering —
they may not know it
but we have become close friends
over the five years
we have called Tucson our home.

The other day as I returned from
an early morning run
I noticed a dove
on the street circle grassy area
face down
tail feather pointed up,
almost instinctively
I began to look around —

there on the courtyard wall
was a lone dove
looking toward the circle.
Later that morning I saw him
in a mesquite tree near the circle —
and for days now I see
him as if without looking.
Slowly I have accepted

that my friend
has lost a friend.
Now only one dove
visits the fountain at sunset.
I have begun to noticed
morning cooing again,
maybe, just maybe my friend
will find a new friend.

— kenne

The Old Swimmin’ Hole   2 comments

Art In The Canyon_20110414_1946 B-W II blogArtist Painting In The Canyon — Image by kenne

Oh! the old swimmin’-hole! whare the crick so still and deep

Looked like a baby-river that was laying half asleep,

And the gurgle of the worter round the drift jest below

Sounded like the laugh of something we onc’t ust to know

Before we could remember anything but the eyes

Of the angels lookin’ out as we left Paradise;

But the merry days of youth is beyond our controle,

And it’s hard to part ferever with the old swimmin’-hole.

— from “The Old Swimmin’ Hole” by James Whitcomb Wiley

Sonoran Storms   Leave a comment

Rainbow (1 of 1) blogSonoran Storms (June 26, 2015) — Image by kenne

The rains are “hit and miss,”

mostly miss in the valley.

The monsoon arrived

early this summer

and as usual

the higher elevations

have received most of the rain

leaving only rainbows

in the late afternoon sky.

— kenne

Low Clouds In The Catalina Mountains   1 comment

Clouds (1 of 1) blogLow Clouds In The Catalina Mountains (July 5, 2015 view from patio)– Image by kenne

Five Years Out   1 comment

kenne-kika-joy-on-patio-arriving_20100621_1287-blog-ii 2014 framedKenne, Kika & Joy, June 21, 2010 waiting for the movers.

Now we are starting our sixth year here, longer than most friends and family would have predicted, especially since Joy has not grown to love southern Arizona the way I have. The five years we have lived here have allowed us to experience most of the things we took into consideration in making the decision to move — a new adventure and be closer to Joy’s family in southern California. 

We are now looking forward to year six in the desert southwest, which will include continuing to explore options, contrasted with more traveling. The following poem is titled “Birthday,” but could have very easily been titled, “Life.”

turned around,
here am I.
knowing how,
not the why.

young in heart
old in age.
feeling the itch,
pacing the cage.

inner peace,
knowing the thou.
learning to write
thesis of now.

turned around,
found love.
living the moment,
free as a dove.

still learning,
when to talk.
listening for,
beat of the walk.

reality is now,
truth in the heart.
singing the knowledge,
requiem to smart.

turned around,
found beauty in art.
traveling the future,
with Dylan and Descartes. 


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