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Life Springs Eternal   Leave a comment

Life Springs Eternal – New Life in the Presence of Death — Image by kenne

There are signs of life and death all around

that have evolved throughout all existence

towards a collective mitigation of existential

and catastrophic risks yet only in the present does

the proliferation of life affirms and consciously evolves.

— kenne


Sonoran Door   2 comments

Sonoran Door — Image by kenne

It is not possible to know oneself at the moment in time.
Know thyself is always a kind of incompleteness,
which changes throughout life. Existence is a process
and the goal of knowing thyself to be identical with this process.

— kenne

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The Meaning of Existence   Leave a comment

Alamos Trip_2016 01 24_1065-Edit-4-art-72Sea of Cortez — Photo-Artistry by kenne

The Meaning of Existence

Everything except language
knows the meaning of existence. 
Trees, planets, rivers, time
know nothing else. They express it 
moment by moment as the universe.

Even this fool of a body
lives it in part, and would 
have full dignity within it 
but for the ignorant freedom 
of my talking mind.

— Les Murray

Existence is surely a debate.   2 comments

SCVN Nature Walk 08-08-12Two-Tailed Swallowtail Butterfly (Official State Butterfly of Arizona) — Image by kenne

“The whole content of my being shrieks
in contradiction against itself . . .

Existence is surely a debate.”

— Kierkegaard

Seeking The Tao Of Observation   Leave a comment

Sabino Canyon Sunrise II- Art name blogThe Photographer — Image by kenne


The photographer (artist)
seeks to connect what
is already connected, the
past, present, and future
in a moment of existence
while being a traveler
in other people’s reality
sharing an awareness 
of the present experience. 

An awareness of the moment
with the whole being, the artist
is of the experience —
the essence of existence.
The artist desires to share
the essence, but the resulting image
is about the experience, not
of the experience — 
the Tao of observation.

In the process
of capturing an event
the photographer feels
and sees in the moment,
the Tao of an event —
the Tao that is projected
is outside the moment
hence is not the
essence of Tao.

— kenne


Existence — Poetry & Video   5 comments

Plants May 15, 2008Image by kenne


shades in color
shapes in shades
form in shapes
image in form
meaning in image
meaning in existence


Existence — Video by kenne

“The thing about Native American music
that a lot of people don’t understand
is the fact that it’s held in
such high regard for their culture…
while we live in a society where music
is something that involves a lot of technology,
they’re able to create something so significant in
our world with very little materials.”

— R. Carlos Nakai

(First posted, October 2009)

Orange Sunset   2 comments

sunset-(1-of-1)art-2Orange Sunset — Image by kenne

Five years ago we moved to Tucson, Arizona from The Woodlands, Texas (located north of Houston). Then as now, our friends and family couldn’t believe we were leaving our home of over 25 years. There is still plenty of discussion as to whether it was a good move or not.

As a visitor to the site, you know my images reflect my appreciation for Arizona’s beauty. But, what about the heat, “it’s hot in the summer time,” you say. Yes, the temps are high, averaging 101 degrees for a high in July.

As most people know, dry heat is more comfortable than humid heat. Example: Yesterday it was 99 degrees in Tucson, but felt like 93 degrees. Houston had a high of 93 degrees, but it felt like 99 degrees. Additionally, in Tucson if it’s too hot to spend much time outside, in a 45 minute drive we can be on Mt. Lemmon where yesterday’s high was 69 degrees.

Let’s face it, since I think in art I’m just trying to confirm my existence — my existential moment.


My Dear Mountains — A Poem   5 comments

Country Club Vist Drive-7815 blogRain In The Mountains: Tanuri Ridge View — Image by kenne

The above image was taken after returning from hiking on Mt. Lemmon. Our morning hike was without rain, however, upon my return from the higher elevations of the Santa Catalina’s, I could see the rain clouds adding to the over 17 inches since the beginning of the summer rainy season (the last two months) — while the Tanuri Ridge community has only received about 2 inches. I call it the good, the bad and the beautiful!

My Dear Mountains

Everyday I try to say,
To say words describing
My attraction to you.

Exploring the reasons,
The reasons why
You nurture my well-being.

Is it your dance,
The dance you perform
In and around me?

Is it the call,
The call of Echo
The voice of last words?

Is it the view,
The view
of the shadowed canyons?

Is it the chiseled outlined,
The chiseled outlined
against the Sonoran sky?

Is it the hikes,
The hikes I take
In you shadows?

Is it crown clouds,
Crown clouds
that cradle your peaks?

Is it the colors,
The colors captured
from the sunset?

Is it the blue-blackness,
The blue-blackness weighed
Against the moonlit sky?

Is it night lightning,
Night lightning
That ignites you?

Is it your past,
Your past
that holds the future?

Is it a reflection,
A reflection of my being
My self-image that I love?

Is it all things,
All things
That connect us?

Is it the answers,
The answers you share
When we are together?

Is it the why,
The why
I ask questions?

Is it my words,
The words in the questions
you repeat after me?

So many questions,
Questions only we
Can answer together.

Everyday I try,
I try to become
By being near you.

It is our being together,
Being together that
Enables my existence.

Everyday I try,
I try to say words
That echo the essence of existence.

— kenne

Country Club Vist Drive-7819 blogImage by kenne

We Are One On One Planet   5 comments


Sometimes life is unpredictable.
It dictates things that you do not want to pursue,
nor do you wish to listen to.
But no matter how we resist life,
it won’t allow itself to lay unappreciated
and devalued for a long time.

For each day we live on this planet,
each breath we took when were awake
and each silent breath when we are asleep,
life is already in its existence.

For life is within us,
it envelops us in everything that we do.
It is there, silent and yet overbearing,
when we took our own paths,
when we mold our own destiny,
and when we choose wise and unwise decisions.

Decisions that might or might not
affect the way our life will be.
For no matter what path we choose,
life is always there.

Life is the essence of life.
Life is a God-given gift bestowed upon humankind.
Life is our life.
Without life, humanity would not have existed,
I would not have existed.

Life gives us the freedom to choose,
to see things in its pure goodness,
but above all, life gives us the ability to live on this planet.
For it is life that we found each other. For it is in life that we are one.

We are not only citizens in our own countries
but we are citizens of the world.
We are here because of life,
and we are here because we have life.
Live life to its fullest form.
Thank God for bestowing upon us life. Life is life.

  — Unknown

It’s A Sign Of The Times   Leave a comment

It’s a Sign of The Times — Image by kenne

Nature is the master timekeeper
of the no longer and the not yet.
How can we conceive of that which is no longer?

Time exist only because we observe and measure it,
from which all meaningful questions arise.
What is nothing taken from something?

Human existence is the moment of time,
which no longer exist, only to be made up
in our conception of reality in space.



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Good Friday Hike In Ventana Canyon   1 comment

Mary Beth and Tom leading the way into the canyon.

Mary Beth taking in the view.

An energy break at Four Pools, which is now only one pool because of the drought.

Images by kenne

We are always becoming according to the way in which we actualize ourselves.


Expectations   1 comment

Abstract Art by kenne


Who are you,
you who share
my very existence
with your expectations,
sometimes calling them
placing more value
on the worth
of your expectations,
unwilling to understand
neither the what
nor the why
of my very being.

Who am I,
I who share
your very existence
with my expectations,
sometimes calling them
placing more value
on the worth of my expectations,
unwilling to understand
neither the what
nor the why
of your very being.

Who are we,
we who share
a finite existence
with our expectations,
sometimes calling them
placing more value
on the worth of our expectations
unwilling to understand
neither the what
nor the why
of a finite being.

Who are they,
they who share
our very existence
with their expectations,
sometimes calling them
placing more value
on the worth of their expectations
unwilling to understand
neither the what
nor the why
of our very being.

Who are We
We who share
an infinite existence
with our expectations,
sometimes calling them
placing more value
on the worth of all expectations
willing to understand
both the what
and the why
of a universal being.

— kenne

Capturing the Moment – Existence   1 comment

Plant may 15 2008  2280 blogImage by kenne

We are able to confirm existence because of color, shades, shapes, form, images,
which give meaning to our being.
— kenne

Does It Matter That There Is No Matter? May 10, 2008   1 comment

Does It Matter That There Is No Matter?

The short answer is, no. What matters is “…the matrix of all matter.” The dictionary definition of matrix is “…that which gives origin or form to a thing, or which serves to enclose it; the rectangular arrangement into rows and columns of the elements of a set.” A matrix is formed when parallel existences are crossed to form new relationships that allow for a convivial environment. For Max Planck, who most credit the modern use of “matrix”, it was the field of resulting from linking the conscious and intelligent mind. The process of do this, in which we can exist as one in the universe, is matrixing. That is to say that we continually attempt to alter our surrounding into that benefits all existence more and more. This is what matrixing is all about; continually developing an environment by building upon a past development without having to recreate the original development from scratch.

From an existential view, it is the act of placing one’s self back into the world, becoming unitified will all things. To do otherwise is to ignore enough reality, in which that not ignored is distorted in ignorance. Traditional science tends to view humans as separate from the whole and in doing so can result in the repression of a single phenomenon. The act of this behavior is judging. Thou shalt not judge! Placing desires for one thing above existence in the fullness of all it is. By setting up preferences, which exclude any of life, we have condemned ourselves to ignorance. If matrixing is the process of living as one in the universe, then the goal of understanding existence is becoming identical with the process. One is closest to understanding existence when most puzzled as to the true nature of the universe.

Yesterday I received an email from a friend in Brazil in response to one of my blog entries, which I would like to share:

“Although I may agree with you in several aspects, I´m not that optimistic and idealistic. For what I´m concerned, many consequences (specially those relating to climatic aspects and geo-political caotic scenario) won´t be able to be avoided, which will cause an increase of pain and suffering in the world. Tomorrow´s dawn will be a dark one, no matter what we do now. We can only prepare ourselves and make sure the day after tomorrow won´t be even darker
‘Can you picture what will be
so limiteless and free
desperately in need… of some…stranger´s hand
in a desperate land.'”
Such a feeling is not uncommon in today’s world, which has also been noted my one of today’s most noted writers, Gregg Braden, on the marriage of science and spirituality being the answer to solving the problems such as those expressed by my Brazilian friend. Last evening, Joy and I had an opportunity to attend Gregg’s presentation at Unity Houston titled, The Science of Miracles: If You Know the Code, You Choose the Limits!
Can we solve today’s major global problems, which have existed in the past only now to be converging for the first time into a “perfect storm” scenario? For Gregg Braden, the answer is Yes!
However, it is in our hands.
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