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Snow On The Peaks Above Sabino Canyon — Image by

We are blessed to live on this beautiful planet.
Yet, most people don’t show any gratitude.



May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous,
leading to the most amazing view.
May your rivers flow without end,
meandering through pastoral valleys tinkling with bells,
past temples and castles and poets’ towers
into a dark primeval forest
where tigers belch and monkeys howl,
through miasmal and mysterious swamps
and down into a desert of red rock,
and down again into a deep vast ancient unknown chasm
where bars of sunlight blaze on profiled cliffs,
where deer walk across the white sand beaches,
where storms come and go
as lightning clangs upon the high crags,
where something strange and more beautiful
and more full of wonder than
your deepest dreams waits for you–
beyond that next turning of the canyon walls.

– Edward Abbey

Preceiving A World Beyond Our Three Dimension Awareness   3 comments

Multi-Dimentional World frame blogMulti-dimensional World — Image by kenne

My art has always been in response to visions.
Rather than confine my subject to representations of the outer worlds,
I include portrayals of the multi-dimensional imaginal realms
that pull us toward consciousness evolution.

— Alex Grey

The unconscious has no time.
There is no trouble about time in the unconscious.
Part of our psyche is not in time and not in space.
They are only an illusion, time and space,
and so in a certain part of our psyche time does not exist at all.

— Carl Jung (1875-1961)

Capturing The Moment — Half-moon Over Tucson   Leave a comment

Butterflies & Half-Moon-8828 blog

Butterflies & Half-Moon-8826-2 blogImages by kenne

Half moon

In the business of mooning 
Gibbous cornered half moon 
Clings to the sky 
Hanging off the lampposts 
And smiling at the sun 
Her half spat out reflection of light 
Burns holes in our near sane minds
The age 
The phase 
The time gone by 
With the moon changing moods 
In her sunlit shadowed self 
She croons half bit out songs 
Star songs 
Of night, light and her half light
Half moon 
cornered moon
gibbous gibbous
shadowed moon. 

Ula Goss

Cactus Ribs Cross In The Sky   Leave a comment

DeGrozia GallerySaguaro Rib Cross In The Chapel at DeGrazia Gallery In the Sun — Image by kenne

The cross

a symbol

of freedom,

of existence —


all things,  


and vertical.



I Lie Among The Flowers   8 comments

SCVN Nature Walk 08-08-12“I Lie Among The Flowers” — Image by kenne

I lie among the flowers

aging gracefully over the years

adding to earth’s character

intersecting life’s whispers.


We Are One On One Planet   5 comments


Sometimes life is unpredictable.
It dictates things that you do not want to pursue,
nor do you wish to listen to.
But no matter how we resist life,
it won’t allow itself to lay unappreciated
and devalued for a long time.

For each day we live on this planet,
each breath we took when were awake
and each silent breath when we are asleep,
life is already in its existence.

For life is within us,
it envelops us in everything that we do.
It is there, silent and yet overbearing,
when we took our own paths,
when we mold our own destiny,
and when we choose wise and unwise decisions.

Decisions that might or might not
affect the way our life will be.
For no matter what path we choose,
life is always there.

Life is the essence of life.
Life is a God-given gift bestowed upon humankind.
Life is our life.
Without life, humanity would not have existed,
I would not have existed.

Life gives us the freedom to choose,
to see things in its pure goodness,
but above all, life gives us the ability to live on this planet.
For it is life that we found each other. For it is in life that we are one.

We are not only citizens in our own countries
but we are citizens of the world.
We are here because of life,
and we are here because we have life.
Live life to its fullest form.
Thank God for bestowing upon us life. Life is life.

  — Unknown

Oh My God, I Missed The Summer Solstice   Leave a comment

The summer solstice at Stonehenge, near Salisbury in England, Tuesday, June 21, 2011 — Source:

Not to worry, I will just catch it in the southern hemisphere next December — wouldn’t that be nice!



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