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Autumn Looking For Messages   2 comments

Seed Pods-Edit-2-Art-blog-2Seed Pods — Photo-Artistry by kenne

“The lake around them changed its name.
Today it’s no more than a pond I walk around
each autumn looking for messages among
the fallen acorns and beer cans left by teenagers.
Another engine fires, the air rings with each precise explosion,
and each image vanishes into photography.”

— from “Photography” by Philip Levine



Downtown L.A. As Seen From The Getty Museum   Leave a comment

Downtown L.A. from Getty blogThe L.A.skyline as seen from The J. Paul Getty Museum (June 17, 2004) — B&W Image by kenne

The L.A.skyline

J. Paul Getty Museum

Lines in black and white.


Once hidden skyline

By carbon fuel emissions

A state with a plan.

— kenne

Nicaraguan Children   2 comments

RainbowSister and Brother in a Small Village in the Rural Mountains of Nicaragua (November 2007) — Image by kenne

Locked in a world
Too young to understand,
Little sister and little brother watch,
not sure of what to think.

Disengaged, toneless and still —
Not out of fear, only wonder,
Each inviting attention
With slightest of a smile.

Gathered as one,
Strength in their numbers
Belonging to each other
Caring and concern in their eyes.


Desert Landscape In Black and White   2 comments

Hanging Chain Cholla (1 of 1)-2 B&W blogDesert Landscape In Black and White by kenne

Nature holds the key to our aesthetic,
intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.

— E. O. Wilson

Capturing The Moment — Strolling Down The Avenue   Leave a comment

Tombstone & Bisbee May 18 2012Strolling Down The Avenue — Image by kenne

This city canyon
Is placed in mountain canyons,
Wall shadows abound.

— kenne


“One must not thing about doing things in life, one must do them.”

— Donald McCullin 

In The Shadow Of The Canyon   3 comments

Pima Canyon-9465-2 blogIn The Shadow of The Canyon (Pima Canyon) — Image by kenne

Hiking the canyon
In and out of dark shadows
On a winter day.

— kenne

I Lie Among The Flowers   8 comments

SCVN Nature Walk 08-08-12“I Lie Among The Flowers” — Image by kenne

I lie among the flowers

aging gracefully over the years

adding to earth’s character

intersecting life’s whispers.


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