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Nicaragua, The Poorest Country In Central America   1 comment

RainbowSister and brother sitting on a beach in front of the home in a northern Nicaraguan village.

RainbowNicaraguan Home Stead — Images by kenne

In November of 2007, I spent some time in Nicaragua as part of a water project conducted by Rotary International and the Rainbow Network. I’ve been thinking about the people and the condition in which they live, even more so with the global pandemic. Click on Rainbow Network, check out the website, and donate to a worthy cause. The Network believes that success does not lie in what they do, but with whom we work — that’s why we encourage individuals to pair their critical strengths with the tools the Network provides to rebuild their own futures.

— kenne


Nicaraguan Children   2 comments

RainbowSister and Brother in a Small Village in the Rural Mountains of Nicaragua (November 2007) — Image by kenne

Locked in a world
Too young to understand,
Little sister and little brother watch,
not sure of what to think.

Disengaged, toneless and still —
Not out of fear, only wonder,
Each inviting attention
With slightest of a smile.

Gathered as one,
Strength in their numbers
Belonging to each other
Caring and concern in their eyes.


Watching Time Go By   3 comments

Rainbow“Watching Time Go By” (Nicaragua, 2007) — Image by kenne

Muddy rut-carved roads
in the Nicaraguan mountains
we reach a village in a 4X4
where women and children
wait out the day, men having
left before daylight in
backs of pickup trucks.

A young woman stands
in the open doorway

I try not to see her as
an object 
to be photographed
for my travel photo journal,
to capture a story
to be told by the viewer.

— kenne



Capturing The Moment — Mother & Baby On The Road In Nicaragua   1 comment

Mother & Baby On The Road In Nicaragua — Image by kenne

Nicaragua Water Project Revisited   Leave a comment

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A couple of years ago I had an opportunity to visit the operation of The Rainbow Network in Nicaragua. This nondenominational organization serving Nicaragua’s poorest people through nutrition, healthcare, education, housing and micro-loans. Although I had an opportunity to witness their service in each of these areas, I was most impressed with their work to help provide access to clean water.

The work of The Rainbow Network resurfaced in my world when sharing the work of author Yann Martel with, and their many projects to provide access to safe drinking water. “Water access projects do more than feed families, they ensure their food security.” Nicaragua is where Lil-Anna Pereša of visited one of the projects: “I was impressed to see that families succeed in overcoming poverty. They are no longer in survival mode.”

While in Nicaragua I took many photos of children and families benefiting from the work of these fine organizations and use this posting to share some of the photos.


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