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A couple of years ago, I had an opportunity to visit the operation of The Rainbow Network in Nicaragua. This nondenominational organization serving Nicaragua’s poorest people through nutrition, healthcare, education, housing, and micro-loans. Although I had an opportunity to witness their service in each of these areas, I was most impressed with their work to help provide clean water access.

The work of The Rainbow Network resurfaced in my world when sharing the work of author Yann Martel with and their many projects to provide access to safe drinking water. “Water access projects do more than feed families; they ensure their food security.” Nicaragua is where Lil-Anna Pereša of visited one of the projects: “I was impressed to see that families succeed in overcoming poverty. They are no longer in survival mode.”

While in Nicaragua, I took many photos of children and families benefiting from these fine organizations’ work and used this posting to share some of the photos.


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    Hurricane Iota devastates Nicaragua! For the second time in less than a month, Nicaragua and other Central American countries suffer from hurricane winds and flooding. Having spent a brief amount of time in Nicaragua thirteen years ago, I’m aware of the difficulty most Central American people experience daily. The first storm weeks ago left people homeless without water and food. I can’t imagine what it must be like now. This reblog from April 2010 contains a slideshow of some of the photographs I took at the time. This skynews video show some of the devastations.


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