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Near Hutch’s Pool in the Santa Catalina Mountains (11/18/11) — Photo-Artistry by kenne

For what is the moon, that it haunts us,
this impudent companion immigrated
from the system’s less fortunate margins,
the realm of dust collected in orbs?

— from the poem Half Moon, Small Cloud by John Updike

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Butterflies & Half-Moon-8828 blog

Butterflies & Half-Moon-8826-2 blogImages by kenne

Half moon

In the business of mooning 
Gibbous cornered half moon 
Clings to the sky 
Hanging off the lampposts 
And smiling at the sun 
Her half spat out reflection of light 
Burns holes in our near sane minds
The age 
The phase 
The time gone by 
With the moon changing moods 
In her sunlit shadowed self 
She croons half bit out songs 
Star songs 
Of night, light and her half light
Half moon 
cornered moon
gibbous gibbous
shadowed moon. 

Ula Goss
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