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Courtyard Door   Leave a comment

Courtyard Door — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Bright desert colors

So sharp in the clear air

Art in Old Pueblo.

— kenne

DeGrazia Gallery In The Sun   Leave a comment

DeGrazia Gallery In The Sun — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Music comes alive
In my corner of the world
Language of the soul

— kenne

DeGrazia Music Room, Gallery In The Sun   1 comment

“I want to be notorious rather than famous. Fame has too much responsibility. People forget you are human.”
– Ettore “Ted” DeGrazia

DeGrozia GalleryDeGrazia Music Room at The Gallery of The Sun — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Ted DeGrazia earned two undergraduate degrees — one in music education, one in fine art and a master’s of fine arts. Known as Arizona’s most prolific artist, it is understandable that most people may not be aware of his shared dual passions for art and music.  Both helped him pay his way through college, painting during the day and leading his big band at night at Tucson’s Fox Theater.

His love of music was passed on to his son, Domingo DeGrazia, who today has his own band, the Domingo DeGarzia Spanish Guitar Band. We first saw Domingo and his band perform at the annual festival, La Fiesta de Guadalupe at the Gallery of the Sun.

Domingo DeGarzia’s Spanish Guitar Band

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Slideshow — La Fiesta de Guadalupe at the Gallery of the Sun (December 18, 2016)
— Images by kenne


Arizona Highways — Ted DeGrazia   3 comments

In June of 2019, the Arizona Highways had a special issue, “The Legacy of Arizona’s
Prolific Artist,” Ted DeGrazia. And why not, it was Arizona Highways the discovered Ted
DeGrazia and put him on stage. His work appeared in more the 60 issues of Arizona
Highways. The June issue celebrates the 110th birthday of Arizona’s most prolific artist.

AZ Highways cover-72

Even before moving to Tucson in 2010, I was aware of and love Ted DeGrazia’s work.
We live only a few miles from DeGrazia’s Gallery In The Sun, the campus of which sets
up against the Santa Catalina Mountains on Tucson’s northeast side.

AZ Highways-72

Over the last decade, we have visited the Gallery In The Sun several times, this blog has eleven postings.

DeGrazia Slideshow by kenne

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DeGrazia Sunroom   2 comments

DeGrozia GalleryDeGrazia Sunroom — Photo-Artistry by kenne

An open skylight

Equal parts broken sunlight

Is magical light.

Changes the rhythm

As colors move through the room

Giving soul to space.

— kenne


DeGrazia Shadows   Leave a comment

DeGrozia GalleryDeGrazia Shadows — Digital Art by kenne

Making use of mud and straw walls, artist Ted DeGrazia carefully designed every
detail of his Gallery In The Sun located in the Catalina Foothills, Tucson, Arizona.

“The mud wall is masculine —
physically and durable.

The straw is feminine —
delicate as a thread.

Its color is sun and gold.”

— Ted DeGrazia

Art On Art   Leave a comment

Jeri & Virginia VisitDeGrazia Pots — Computer Art by kenne

DeGrazia Gallery

Art in the sun

Art on the fence

Art on the walls

Art on canvas

Art in the trees

Art on tile

Art in books

Art on the ground

Art on art

— kenne


Cactus Ribs Cross In The Sky   Leave a comment

DeGrozia GallerySaguaro Rib Cross In The Chapel at DeGrazia Gallery In the Sun — Image by kenne

The cross

a symbol

of freedom,

of existence —


all things,  


and vertical.



DeGrazia Gallery Courtyard — Shadows On The Wall   Leave a comment

DeGrozia Gallery

DeGrozia GalleryDeGrazia Gallery In The Sun Courtyard Images by kenne

Designed by the artist

for pieces of his art

becoming the whole 

of his art.



Ted DeGrazia’s “The Way of The Cross”   5 comments

images-1images-2On this Easter Sunday it was fitting that the Arizona Daily Star have a cover story on one of its best known artist, Ted DeGrazia. His version of the Stations of the Cross, “Way of the Cross”,  now hangs as a seasonal, Lenten display at DeGrazia Gallery

Every since moving to Tucson , Joy and I love going to the gallery. It is one of the places we take all out visitors. 

“Religion is within yourself and you don’t have to go to church and you don’t have to be one of those people who goes every Sunday.” Ted DeGrazia


“I feel that if ‘The Way of the Cross’ happened, then it was felt by everybody on the face of the Earth. Here in Arizona we have saguaros, so I chose to use the symbol of the saguaro to place it here. And I’m sure it happened everywhere.” — Ted DeGrazia



Capturing the Moment — Wedding at DeGrazia Gallery In The Sun   Leave a comment

. . . the moment is not about now, but about forever!

Image by kenne

As we have with previous visitors, we made a quick run over to the nearby DeGrazia Gallery In The Sun with Kate, Nick & Matt. This moment was captured after a wedding in the Chapel on the DeGrazia grounds.


Janie, David & The Girls Visit – Day 1 Video   Leave a comment

Janie & Katelyn at 2nd Saturday Downtown Tucson — Image by kenne

David, Janie & The Girls Visit — De Grazia Gallery In The Sun   2 comments

De Grazia Painting — Image by kenne

Over the past few days, David, wife Janie, and the girls (Justice,  Jacinda, Victoria (Jacinda’s friend) and Katelyn were our guests in Tucson. With so much to do in the Tucson area, deciding what to take it was not easy, especially when the girls would prefer local malls over “must see” in Tucson. However, we tried by first going to The DeGrazia Gallery In The Sun. Here are some images from the visit last Saturday morning.


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Kids at The De Grazia Gallery In The Sun

Scratching The Surface — Ralph Prata   9 comments

“Inside the Outside” by Ralph Prata

This past Sunday, we took Joy’s mother and sister to the nearby DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun. Years ago, as part of his Santa Catalina Foothills property, Ted DeGrazia built a Guest House for artists to work and show their work. Today the DeGrazia Foundation continues this legacy during the winter months. During our visit, we had an opportunity to see the work of Ralph Prata. Ralph resides in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, but he, his wife, and their cat spend the winter months near Ventana Canyon.

We immediately fell in love with Prata’s work, so we went back three times, selecting different pieces to see what would best show his work in our foothills home. So the above, “Inside the Outside,” is now in place to welcome visitors to our home, where we live “inside the outside.”

Prata has said of his work, “My works do not necessarily document particular life ways nor tell stories. Rather they are to touch the spirit and imagination. Allowing the viewers the freedom to find their visions.” Our spirit has been “touched.” To celebrate our getting to know Ralph and his art, I wrote the following poem:

Inside the Outside

I began on the inside,
Knowing not of an outside,
Only knowing of my being.
My knowledge is limited,
A temporary prisoner,
Protected by the inside.
Demanding more room,
Life on inside
Began to grow short.
Having no choice,
Pushed from the womb
Into the world of the unknown.
On the inside,
I had been content
In my limited space.
Now on the outside,
I let it be known,
Crying in the face of a new destiny.
My first act of rebellion,
Already expressing a nostalgia
For the innocence of the inside.
Appealing to my essence of being,
I soon learned the outside
Could be my new inside.
Always giving away,
Some of the outside,
So not to lose it all.
To become inside the outside,
Allows the practice of thinking
To create a way of living.

— kenne

Ralph Prata outside the DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun Guest Gallery — images by kenne

DeGrazia Gallery In the Sun   2 comments

DeGrazia Gallery In the Sun — Images by kenne

There are a lot of reasons why I love living in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains. Among them is the DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun. Located about ten minutes from our home, the gallery is actually six galleries in thirteen rooms, each having a different collection of Ettore “Ted” DeGrazia’s work. Located on ten acres near the corner of Swan and Skyline roads, DeGrazia began work on the location with the building of the Mission in the Sun and is home in 1951. The gallery was completed in 1965. The Gallery houses some of the 15,000 DeGrazia originals, which are put on display by having rotating exhibitions.

I truly love his work! I would love to have been around when, as he once told a reporter, there were many years he couldn’t trade a painting for a bottle of whiskey. I’m sure I would have connected to his impressionist work just as I do now.  And, like most art, it all about presentation.  By designing and building his own gallery, DeGrazia not only displayed the skill of a presentation master, but his ability to tell a story. I will be spending many more hours at the DeGrazia Gallery In the Sun.

With this posting, I share a few images taken during a recent visit.  A compete set of 37 photos is on Flickr.


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