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Knowing and Not-Knowing   Leave a comment

Maiden Pools HikeSomewhere in the Santa Catalina Mountains Continuing the Process of Becoming

I may not know where the trail leads,
which is what inspires me to take it.

Knowing and Not-Knowing

We are all concerned with our competence and the competence of others. Most people are interested in being more competent and surrounding themselves with competent people. The key to our level of competence is our level of knowledge.

In Zen practice, knowledge involves the interplay between knowing and not-knowing. It is important, however, not to conclude that not-knowing means you don’t know. Not-knowing means not being limited to what you know.

Maybe things are this way, but maybe they are not. (Philosophically, it can be important to help people realize what they do not know, is a necessary part of knowledge. But such a paradoxical thought, from a learning and teaching point of view, is confronted with the inarticulate expertise of not knowing that you know is a dead end. Thus, we are left with the only position for developing competence being that of knowing what you know.)

Accessing information can help us in cultivating our interplay between knowing and not-knowing. As an information seeker and frequent Internet search person, I know we can find information on all things thinkable. Today we have access to more information than ever before, but not all information is reliable.

In an earlier blog entry, I shared some thoughts on “Teaching in the Age of Google.” If you have a question; want to know how to do something; want to learn how something works; research a topic, well, just “Google It!” But, how do we determine who are the reliable authorities?


Stimulation   Leave a comment

bar-top-still-life-art-stimulationComputer Art by kenne

The great thing in this world
is not so much where we are,
but in what direction we are moving.

— Oliver Wendall Holmes


. . . becoming who you are, where you are.   Leave a comment

Hiking, Marshall Gulch, SCVNGrasshopper (August 17, 2011) Image by kenne

You should really know what the complete natural world of your region is

and know what all its interactions are and how you are interacting with it yourself.

This is just part of the work of becoming who you are, where you are.

— Gary Snyder

Standing In The Grandeur Of The Sun’s Halo   6 comments

MMM 02-04-13Image by kenne

Once an icon of the desert,
A majestic symbol
Of nature’s ability
To gather strength
From less
In a world
Where slow
Is the best way
To get things done.

Taking time to nurture
Its being,
Gathering strength
From its becoming.

Two centuries
In the making,
Still standing
In the grandeur
Of the sun’s halo,
Conveying meaning
In the eyes of the force.


Good Friday Hike In Ventana Canyon   1 comment

Mary Beth and Tom leading the way into the canyon.

Mary Beth taking in the view.

An energy break at Four Pools, which is now only one pool because of the drought.

Images by kenne

We are always becoming according to the way in which we actualize ourselves.


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