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Fallen Century Plant   Leave a comment

A Fallen Century Plant Observed On This Morning’s Walk In Tanuri Ridge — Image by kenne

The century plant, Agave americana, is monocarpic, meaning it will bloom once in its lifetime.
However, it doesn’t bloom in a hundred years but may not appear for 10, 20, or more years, depending on the climate.
Most species in the genus Agave flower just once, although there are a few that are repeat bloomers.

Blooming Century Plant (Agave) II   Leave a comment

Control Road to Crystal SpringBlooming Century Plant (Agave) — Computer Painting by kenne

Agave Cactus

You don’t squeeze tequila
from a pumped up, rubbery leaf.
Nothing is easy in Mexico,
and everything takes time,
patience, muscle. Hacking
and digging and hacking
and a deep pit and fire
and time and time and time.
I lose time, forget it at
the other end of the tequila,
but left to me, that cactus
would still be standing there
on the Sonora Desert undisturbed.

— Carol Hamilton

Blooming Century Plant (Agave) I   2 comments

Control Road to Crystal SpringBlooming Century Plant (Agave) — Computer Painting by kenne

Sonoran Monsoon Season

The monsoon season is here.
Triple digit temperatures,
with cool mornings and
daylight at 5:00 a.m. —
perfect for a morning run,
as the sun rises casting 
long shadows and silhouettes
of white-winged doves atop
the giant saguaro cactus.

Many years ago we 
took a risk on love,
then seven years ago
we took a risk on life and
moved to the Sonora Desert.
Many thought we were crazy,
maybe we were at the time,
after all, what is life
without some risk.

Seven years of desert monsoons
have brought us closer to nature,
now more connected to life
we appreciate each day
and the opportunities
to continue taking risks,
increasing our capacity
to live life in unsuspected and
unpredictable ways.

— kenne

The Spike Of Death   2 comments

Century Plant (1 of 1) blog framedAgave Americana (Century Plant) — Image by kenne

This plant flowers once

Known as a century plant,

But in name only.

— kenne


A Century Plant In A Century Of Record Heat   Leave a comment

Century Plant Collage blogThe Agave Century Plant Blossoms Near The Prison Fire In The Santa Catalina Mountains As Record Heat Continues In The American Southwest
— Images by kenne

A Giant Asparagus For Your Tequila Drink   5 comments

Friday with Friends & Molino Basin to Prison CampAgave Cactus Plant — Image by kenne

Agave plant at the early stages of its flowering stalk looks like a giant asparagus — also called a Century plant because of the popular belief they live for a century before flowering. The stalk can reach as high as 25′. 

images-5For a lot of us, when we hear the word agave cactus, we think… “Tequila!”  “Margarita!” Or, that first tequila night! 

When there is talk of tequila, it is natural to share stories — where to get the best margarita; tequila sour; your favorite tequila; worm stories; poetry, yes, poetry!

My friend, poet Dave Parsons introduced me to the book, “Agave — A Celebration of Tequila in Story, Song, Poetry, Essay and Graphic Art.” This is a must read for those who like tequila. Here’s one of the poems:

Redbird, Tequila and Me
by Cindy Jordan

The word makes people smile

Tequila means freedom from our mind
“Take another shot of courage”
“Tequila makes your clothes fall off”
Like a toddler who rips off her diaper and runs through the sprinkler
Laughing with glee!
As the Divine watches through her eyes
See the world as a little child
You will see the Kingdom of Heaven
I have a friend with flaming red hair that looks like fire in the sun
I call my friend “Redbird”
Redbird and I were at a party
The hot tub looked so inviting
We didn’t have swim suits
No problem… We had tequila!
The water was warm
Our breasts floated in the bubbles
Redbird and I were laughing with glee!
Like a toddler running through the sprinkler
Both of us grandmothers
I guess we forgot
Redbird and I were out of our minds
Joyful freedom!

This is good for the soul
A Divine witness watched through our eyes
A wonderful memory
Will we do it again?
Probably not
Yes tequila gives you courage
Yes tequila makes your cloths fall off
Now when Redbird say the word, tequila
We giggle

A lot!


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