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Alamos Patio — Hacienda de los Santos   Leave a comment

Alamos Patio-72Alamos Patio (Hacienda de los Santos) — Photo-Artistry by kenne

We share tequila

A dash of salt and lemon —

Love potion nectar.

— kenne

Añejo Like Fine Tequila   Leave a comment

Nude Painting 9996-F III_art blogComputer Art by kenne

I stared hard. . .
by Tony Mares

thinking of Charles Bukowski

I stared hard at the hard-edges painting
it was the sharp translucent line
meant to be a glimpse at a micro-mini
segment of the lace trim on a skirt
wrapped around the gorgeous curves
of a women longing for me
but inaccessible of the canvas
at least I could imagine her

That’s when I ordered my third tequila
drank it straight like #s 1 & 2
every woman at the bar glowed
more beautiful than the ladies 
on a French postcard and shed
ten years just like that too bad
I am more aged than tequila añejo
not that hard or sharp anymore


Ah, Beautiful Agave — Again, Begin Again   12 comments

Variegated Agave-7774 art framed blogImages by kenne

Ah, beautiful agave

under Mexican skies,

soul of future mystical visions,

spirit nectar of Jose Cuervo — 

that first tequila night

kissed with a little salt and lime

together we had a good time

staring at the velvet nude

above the tequila bottles

in a dusty border bar.

  — kenne

Variegated Agave-7775 all my doors are open-72Source: Agave — A Celebration of Tequila in story, song, poetry, essay and graphic art
— edited by Ashley and Nathan Brown

A Giant Asparagus For Your Tequila Drink   5 comments

Friday with Friends & Molino Basin to Prison CampAgave Cactus Plant — Image by kenne

Agave plant at the early stages of its flowering stalk looks like a giant asparagus — also called a Century plant because of the popular belief they live for a century before flowering. The stalk can reach as high as 25′. 

images-5For a lot of us, when we hear the word agave cactus, we think… “Tequila!”  “Margarita!” Or, that first tequila night! 

When there is talk of tequila, it is natural to share stories — where to get the best margarita; tequila sour; your favorite tequila; worm stories; poetry, yes, poetry!

My friend, poet Dave Parsons introduced me to the book, “Agave — A Celebration of Tequila in Story, Song, Poetry, Essay and Graphic Art.” This is a must read for those who like tequila. Here’s one of the poems:

Redbird, Tequila and Me
by Cindy Jordan

The word makes people smile

Tequila means freedom from our mind
“Take another shot of courage”
“Tequila makes your clothes fall off”
Like a toddler who rips off her diaper and runs through the sprinkler
Laughing with glee!
As the Divine watches through her eyes
See the world as a little child
You will see the Kingdom of Heaven
I have a friend with flaming red hair that looks like fire in the sun
I call my friend “Redbird”
Redbird and I were at a party
The hot tub looked so inviting
We didn’t have swim suits
No problem… We had tequila!
The water was warm
Our breasts floated in the bubbles
Redbird and I were laughing with glee!
Like a toddler running through the sprinkler
Both of us grandmothers
I guess we forgot
Redbird and I were out of our minds
Joyful freedom!

This is good for the soul
A Divine witness watched through our eyes
A wonderful memory
Will we do it again?
Probably not
Yes tequila gives you courage
Yes tequila makes your cloths fall off
Now when Redbird say the word, tequila
We giggle

A lot!


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