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Capturing The Moment — Too Big For Its Own Good   Leave a comment

Neighborhood Agave — Images by kenne

On April 27th I was so impressed with the size of an agave stalk, I took a photo of it and posted on this blog. Over the last month I have continue to watch it grow as it neared blossoming. During this time I noticed that stalk was beginning to lean south, so much so I began to think it might break. It didn’t break, but its weight and angle to the ground finally pulled the plant out of the ground. 

This agave is commonly called a “century plant,” because when it flowers by sending up a stalk (spike), which it does only once, it dies. Its age is more accurately 25-30 years, not 100 years. If not by its own weight, this agave was doomed either way.


Tanuri Ridge Agave Stalk   1 comment

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Agave Stalk — Over Twelve Feet Since Thanksgiving   5 comments

Desert Museum-9854 agave stalk blog framedThis Agave Stalk Has Grown Over Twelve Feet Since Thanksgiving.
The Power of Tequila! — Image by kenne

Agave [Cactus]
by Carol Hamilton

You don’t squeeze tequila
from a pumped up, rubbery leaf.
Nothing is easy in Mexico,
and everything takes time,
patience, muscle. Hacking
and digging and hacking
and a deep pit and fire
and time and time and time.
I lose time, forget it at
the other end of the tequila,
but left to me, that cactus
would still be standing there
on the [Sonora] Desert

This poem can be found in the book, AGAVE

“If you like tequila,
you will love the art,
songs, poems, stories,
and recipes in

Since moving to Tucson and becoming a Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalist, I know agaves are not cacti, and I live in the Sonoran Desert, not the Sonora Desert. However, since poets like to take poetic license, I will give Carol a pass on this one.


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