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Children, A Stream And Connecting With Nature   Leave a comment

Boy & Girl By Stream-1116_ art blogChildren, a Stream, and Connecting with Nature — Computer Art by kenne

A picture may seem not what it is.
Two teens may appear more interested in a
phone than a stream slowly passing at their feet.

Like most images, it’s up to the viewer
to place it in some element of their reality.
Put in the contact the image was taken,

the teens are sharing pictures taken in
my iPhone photography class where they

learn to connect the eye, to the mind, to the heart.

— kenne

Sunset Victor In A Vector Vortex   2 comments

desert-eye-sunset-ii-obstract-art-ii-blogSunset Victor In a Vector Vortex — Abstract Art by kenne

the past 
a Victor radio
in the middle
of a sunset
the present 
a vector

the future
a whirling
work of art 
a visual mass
where the sound
parted like
a note divide
in search of itself.

— kenne 


Two Cooper’s Hawk Images   6 comments

Cooper's Hawk (1 of 1)-5 blog

Cooper's Hawk (1 of 1)-2 blogCooper’s Hawk — Images by kenne

My many walks with nature

have made me more aware 

of the world around me.

I have learn to look and

listen, improving my 

ability to connect,

to connect to my existence

with and through nature.

— kenne

Continue To Crawl . . .   9 comments

mother-iv-b-w-ii-blogImage of Mother before she passed away in September, 2006 by kenne

Continue To Digest The Emptiness

The wise teach,

all things are
connected in the Universe,
and remain so throughout time –

continue to digest the emptiness.

As gatekeepers

to all things connected
we open the gates to experience,
learning to love and care for others –

continue to digest the emptiness.

The foolish

give rise to aliens,
lacking knowledge of the whole,
“. . . see the dragon in my garage” –

continue to digest the emptiness.


to understand the messages
in our fleeing experiences,
seeking to be identical with the norm –

continue to digest the emptiness.


our impermanent passing experience
is where knowledge exist,
maximizing the significance of the whole –

continue to digest the emptiness.

Unused knowledge

is not retained,
like the fruit of the tree,
decays as soon as it is ripe –

continue to digest the emptiness.

Seek not to ripen

on the tree of knowledge,
for knowledge that has crystallized
quickly loses clarity of the whole –

continue to digest the emptiness.

As our reality

is narrowed,
our ability to connect is lessened, thus
diminishing meaning and value –

continue to digest the emptiness.

Lacking actualization,

should not stop
us from crawling,

with the “struggling ant” –

continue to digest the emptiness.

Continue to crawl . . .


mother8-12-04-blog framedMother was always a walker — Image by kenne (August 2004)

The Light Of My Soul — Come To Me   2 comments

Nude Painting 9996-F III blogCome To Me — Image by kenne

The light

of my soul

coming from

the inside out

knowing that

you feel it —

so why slight it

when you want it?

. . . come to me

lie down beside me

your don’t have to explain,

I understand.

— kenne

Connecting then to now, moment to moment . . .   3 comments

(Photo: My View of The Lake Robbins Bridge, The Woodlands, Texas)


This is my new blog.
I’m interested in sharing ideas,
progressive thoughts, photos, poems,
and answers to how we can make

this planet a better place for all.

In June of 2008, I began blogging on WordPress. At that time, I was not new to blogging
since I had done so on Yahoo 360. So one of my first WordPress entries was to revisit
my first Yahoo 360 entry in 2005.

Connecting then to now, moment to moment . . .

I can still see him now,
walking the land
at the end of our day.
His long shadow
stretching across the land
saluting the setting sun.
Listening to the breeze
slowly moving the pines
in concert with the sunset.

Surveying his domain
in a moment of thanks.
Collecting the feelings
inspired by nature’s
changing of the guard.
Continuing life’s connection
to all things now
and all things to come.

Even as before, I watch
him through youthful eyes.
Now knowing his thoughts,
formed by years of experience
and a Devine connection
to the rhythm of the ages,
the language of the universe.

Not just another sunset,
but a passing of the baton.
Connecting the day with the night,
yesterday with tomorrow,
creating moments of recollection
of life’s passages from now to forever,
insuring our never-ending existence.

— kenne

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